Fleet dash cameras are an excellent way to keep your drivers and vehicles safe while providing tangible evidence if incidents occur. 

However, deployment of dash camera systems can be costly and require significant management effort. 

In this blog post, we discuss everything you need to know about using fleet dash cameras effectively – from choosing the right system to implementing comprehensive policies – so you can keep your company’s drivers safe while minimizing risk exposure.

How to Use Fleet Dash Cameras Effectively

Step 1: Select a camera model and program that has a simple installation process. Request a trial of the dash cam you’re interested in to ensure that both the dashboard display and mobile app meet your needs and preferences. 

What is the Best Dash Cam for Commercial Fleets in 2021?

Step 2: Learn about the advanced features of a smart dash cam such as driver coaching and video access to enhance your driving experience. Ensure that your driver coaching feature is not limited to highlighting risky driving behaviors but also captures positive driving behaviors. 

Consider a comprehensive fleet management system that tracks and consolidates your driving performance into a simplified score.

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Step 3: Leverage dash cam footage to train new drivers. The captured video can aid in preparing upcoming staff members for the road ahead. High-quality video can be utilized to provide comprehensive training and prepare them for any situation they may encounter. 

The footage captured can be utilized not only for exonerations, but also for instruction purposes to help ensure safer driving practices. 

Fleet Video Event Access

Step 4: Discover the daily risks your fleet faces by utilizing dash cam data. With easy access to driver performance, trends, and driving events, you’ll be able to make well-informed safety decisions. Keep your fleet protected with proactive management strategies.

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Step 5: Create a driver incentive program to reward and recognize excellent driving records and operating safely on the road. Positive reinforcement can encourage drivers to repeat safe driving behaviors. 

Step 6: Have a fleet dash camera use policy to ensure drivers understand the correct use of the camera and what kind of conduct it is meant to capture. The policy should include how footage is used and stored, and who has access to it.  

Step 7: Regularly review footage from commercial dash cameras to identify any safety concerns or actionable items from the data gathered. This will help in addressing issues and improving overall performance. 

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What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Fleet Dash Camera?

First, consider the quality of the video footage. You want videos that are clear and easy to reference, whether you’re reviewing a driver’s performance or sending it as proof to avoid litigation.

Second is the cost of the camera. How much can you spend for the dash cam? And based on the quoted cost, are you getting more bang for your buck or are the features limited despite the cheap price?

Thus, it’s also crucial to consider the configurations of the camera. Your budget exists as an investment for the business, so also account for choosing between dual facing dash cams or only going for the exterior ones. Dual facing dash cams include recording relevant driver behavior, while exterior facing will only capture what’s around the vehicle.

Account for the camera features and the use of AI for your fleet’s safety. Today’s technology goes beyond recording in real-time. 

The information and videos your dash cam gathers also be secure and guarantee data privacy.

Lastly, the best fleet dash cams are also easy to integrate into your current system. Review how the fleet dashcams you’re considering have been incorporated into other systems and if it will be seamless to do on your own.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fleet Dash Cameras?

Improving fleet safety is the primary benefit of fleet dash cameras. Drivers are alerted of preventable risky behaviors and informed in advance of any situations that may cause accidents. 

Safety is also ensured from the commercial dash cams identifying and reducing fleet risk factors. In-cab alerts inform drivers what they should do and avoid, which in effect prevents the potential accident from outside factors.

Fleet safety also draws from the dash camera’s contribution to improving driver performance and behavior. They get real-time updates of behaviors they need to improve on, like distracted driving or speeding. 

A smart dash cam system like Driver•i compiles their positive behaviors, reminding drivers what they are doing right.

In case of an accident, the devices capture events for evidence and review. If your drivers are not at fault and practiced the correct protocols, the recorded evidence saves your company the time and money spent from going through the litigation process.

Smart dash cams are a smart choice for companies seeking to demonstrate proactive safety measures for their drivers. Insurance companies are highly in favor of such efforts, as they help reduce premiums, prevent potential litigation, and support overall safety that in turn minimizes the occurrence of accidents. 

With better management of fleet insurance costs, investing in smart dash cams is a sound decision for any company committed to safety and mitigating business risks.

Dash cams also contribute directly to improving fleet compliance.Your fleet is likely to have higher CSA scores due to reduced accidents, lowered risk factors, and positive driver behavior.

Final Thoughts 

Fleet dash cam solutions enable safety, improved driver performance, and efficient journeys for every vehicle. Ready to enhance your fleet safety and reduce risks? 

Explore the Driver•i AI Fleet Camera System and book a demo today to experience its advanced features and benefits.

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