Self-Managed Driver Coaching

Gain complete visibility with our Driver•i driver coaching dash cam. Get personalized driver feedback, improve skills without manager intervention, and get recognized for your safe driving through real-time driver score.

Older truck driver using a phone inside a semi. Get driver coaching insights using our Driver-i dash cam

Self-Guided Driver Coaching with AI-powered Dash Cams

Having access to personalized driver coaching insights will help you advance your safe driving skills.

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Be Rewarded for Your Safe Driving

Access a performance score that captures your positive driving events so you can be recognized for improving and maintaining your safe driving.
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Prove You’re a Great Driver

Driver•i provides the proof to exonerate you in the event of a false claim. Having a system that defends and protects your proactive safe driving can result in less harsh verdicts as well.
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Take Control of Your Career

Review your driver score on your own time through the Driver•i mobile app. Virtual coaching provides a brief summary of risky events along with suggestions for improvement, enabling you to improve your score and skills without being pulled into the manager’s office.
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“[Driver•i] makes drivers more aware of opportunities to make themselves better drivers. Once I see it, I can go in and fix whatever I need on my own. At first everyone was 50/50, but it’s improved our driving skills so much. We’re on a higher scale as a team."
Rashad Driver at STS Recycling
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“That [Driver•i] app told me I was becoming complacent. The camera has made me a professional driver.
Operator for Grand Island Express

Set the Standard for Safety

Get the Recognition You Deserve

With the GreenZone Score, your performance isn’t centered around your mistakes. Positive driving behaviors like safe following distance and stop sign compliance are captured so you can be rewarded.
Learn about GreenZone® Driver Scoring
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Highlight Your Proactiveness

In-cab coaching alerts give a nudge when a risky driving event is about to occur. When you make the correction in real-time you're rewarded with DriverStars which positively impact your GreenZone Score.
Learn how to reduce risky driving
Gain visibility with Driver-i Driver Coaching Dash Cam

Transparent Performance Review

The Driver•i app gives you your freedom back. You’re able to check your driving score, access event videos, and self-managed driver coaching while maintaining your independence on the road.
Learn more about Video Access
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Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

Your GreenZone score is calculated then compared to other drivers’ score within your fleet. Use this score to clearly see the goals set for your fleet and how you’re improving with your fellow drivers.
Give Yourself a Competitive Edge with Self-Managed Driver Coaching

Commonly Asked Questions

Can my manager enable driver coaching for specific alert types?

Add specific alerts to coaching either from the Alert Card or Alert Video Player. You can also add multiple alerts to self-managed coaching at once from Smart View on the Alerts page.

Who can see my GreenZone Score?

When you open the driver app and access the GreenZone tab, you can compare your score with the fleet’s average score and score goal. Fleet managers have access to your score; however, fellow drivers do not see individual scores.

How often will coaching sessions be sent to me?

Coaching sessions reflect alerts and events from the previous week. Fleet managers can give weekly review sessions to their drivers through the mobile app. As a driver, you will have seven days to complete the assigned session.