Netradyne provides cutting-edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Edge Computing to help reduce accidents by creating a new safe driving standard for commercial vehicles. Our industry solutions reduce driving incidents and protect against false claims. We empower drivers by providing them with more awareness of risky driving behavior and reward safe driver decision-making.

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A Versatile Safety Platform

Whether your employees haul freight, take passengers from one destination to another, or travel to a job site via company vehicle, Netradyne helps to ensure they arrive at their destination safely.

Driver Safety Is Our Priority

Your drivers are valued and essential, which is why we protect them accordingly. Our technology tracks driving behavior in real-time, advising on an immediate course of action in a dangerous situation.

Industry Solutions

Fleet Safety

Legacy systems have spent years addressing unsafe driving, but do very little to encourage drivers to improve their performance. The Driveri® vision-based safety solution captures and analyzes every moment of driving time, and recognizes exceptional performance at all times, providing the information you need as a fleet manager to provide meaningful and productive feedback for your drivers.

Dynamic 3D/HD Maps

Real-time, crowdsourced, high-definition maps using commercially deployed Driveri® devices. Over 100 million minutes captured and analyzed to improve transportation data analytics for commercial applications.

From Our Valued Customers

“Netradyne sets the bar in product quality and managing accident mitigation for the future.”

– Adam Lang
Chief Risk Officer, Halvor Lines

“We’ve found the vision-based Driveri technology platform to be an important way for us to let our drivers know we believe in them.”

– Keith Warren
Vice President of Transportation
LeSaint Logistics

“I like it and understand why we’re doing it. It gives our drivers an incentive for following the rules of the road.”

– Tanya Welding
Driver, Vascor Logistics

Hire with confidence
Because we have your back. With Driveri, you have visibility to how drivers are doing all of the time, not just when there is a risky driving event.

Improve Driver Performance
Driving is a profession. We’re here to help drivers stay at the top of their game.

Improve Driver Satisfaction
We provide information that helps you engage with drivers in a positive, constructive dialogue

Protect Against False Claims
Our video solution exposes the truth about what’s going on. You can see what did and did not happen.

Reduce Claims Cost
We help lower insurance claims. Work with your drivers to identify risky driving behavior before it’s too late.