So much more than a dash cam

You’re not just investing in technology, you’re investing in your drivers.

Our mission is to transform road and fleet safety by using advanced vision technology to change the way drivers interact with the road around them, therefore creating safer roadways for today and smarter roadways for tomorrow.


Unmatched Visibility Into Fleet Performance


Distracted Driving Reduction


Following Distance Improvement


Better Compliance

Powerful technology for positive safety improvements

Above all, drivers are at the core of road safety, but complex road dynamics don’t always tell a full story. Our proactive safety solution transforms complex data into actionable insights.

Real-time Computing

Capture the Full Picture

See what’s going on every second of every mile, analyzing risk 100% of the driving time.
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Automated Coaching

Optimize Driving Performance

Save time by connecting remotely with drivers—recommend videos so drivers can self-coach.
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Improve driver performance with automated coaching on the Netradyne mobile app
Advanced AI

Create a Balanced Culture

Reward positive driving behavior and coach improvement areas, all with the most accurate driver score built on safe driving.
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Recognize and reward positive fleet drivers with DriverStars

The Netradyne Difference

Enhance Safety

Foster a safety first culture by promoting and analyzing positive driving behaviors and gain visibility into fleet performance with both forward-facing and in-cab camera systems.

Increase Profitability

Reduce incidents, enable fast claims resolution, and decrease the chance of litigation

Enable Transparency

Boost morale among drivers and create an evidence-based environment

Improve Retention

Drivers deserve to be rewarded; create gamification programs to keep them engaged and aligned with the safety culture

Organizations Trust Netradyne as Their Partner

“Driveri allows us to work in a collaborative sense with the drivers versus a confrontational one. We really focus on the bonus part — the GreenZone minutes — which is the vast majority of their time. Overall, we’re very happy with the system as a whole to focus on safe behaviors.”
Keith Wilson, President TITAN Freight
“We found that the artificial intelligence, machine learning, video quality, and instant feedback provided by Driveri solution best fit our needs, and the enhanced focus on positive aspects of our driver’s behavior was a true product differentiator.”
Adam Lang, Chief Risk Officer Halvor Lines

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