The GreenZone:
Driver Scoring

GreenZone® is the industry’s first driver score built on positive driving, versus solely focusing on negative events. Drivers receive automatic recognition for good driving and gain visibility to risky driving behavior.

The GreenZone Driver Scoring

Welcome to the GreenZone

The GreenZone score is the industry’s first CSA driver score platform built on both positive and negative driving events. The rolling score reflects a driver’s entire work day, mitigating any guesswork that goes into evaluating a driver.

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Prioritize your time by addressing drivers with low GreenZone scores. The Driver•i dashboard automatically organizes videos into coachable events, eliminating the need to comb through hours of videos.
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DriverStars are points awarded to drivers for proactive, safe driving behavior like complying with stop signs and maintaining safe following distance.
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Drivers are able to view their daily, weekly, and monthly scores and make adjustments as needed. Putting them in control of their numbers.
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Driver•i is the only safety system to recognize and reward drivers for positive and proactive driving.
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Give your drivers a competitive edge by seeing where their score ranks within the entire fleet. Gamification makes improving driver safety scores more engaging and rewarding.
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The Driver•i mobile app dynamically calculates the GreenZone scores, comparing it to fleet average and notifying drivers when they reach milestones.
“The Netradyne GreenZone™ driver score is a fundamental tool for our driver safety and recognition program. It provides complete visibility into positive driving, individual coaching and risk notifications that keep us focused on the most important part of our fleet, our drivers,”
Jon Flynn Chief Operating Officer at Vascor Transport
“You can utilize that system [the Driver•i system] to score in so many different ways. And help with driver behavior that they may not even know like following too close or rolling up to a stop sign, and it’s not a complete stop. It can give all kinds of feedback, and it empowers them to make the changes.”
Dave Besterfeldt Vice President Midwest Operations at Altom

Safety Scores that Accurately Reflect Driver Skills

Retain Your Best Drivers

Be confident you are accurately and fairly rewarding your best drivers based on the complex GreenZone algorithm. Scores provide a clear structure for bonuses and rewards.

Receive Data-Driven Driver Scores

Gain clear insight into driver performance - the GreenZone Score updates in real-time throughout the driving day, giving an accurate view of the driver's safety habits.
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Simplify Driver Coaching

Quickly access driver videos organized by alert type to save time. Also, immediately identify your highest and lowest performing drivers to better tailor coaching at the individual level.
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Real-Time Safety Awareness

Impactful Virtual Coaching enables drivers to self-coach by reviewing key events with accompanying suggestions on how to improve performance and increase their score. Proof of session completion is logged in the portal.
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Commonly Asked Questions

How is the GreenZone Score calculated?

The Netradyne dash cams use edge computing to quickly process large amounts of data in real time. This data is converted into personalized driver insights that clearly show where a driver is doing well and where they need to improve.

How often is the GreenZone Score updated?

The GreenZone Score is updated in real-time, so drivers and fleet managers are constantly in the loop on their driving performance.

How can a driver score improve a company’s safety culture?

Having an accurate way to measure and reward an individual driver’s performance helps fleet managers retain their best drivers and positively coach their low-scoring drivers. This ensures your fleet is striving to improve their safe driving behavior.