Safe, Efficient, and
On-time Delivery Services

The Driver•i fleet camera system assures on-schedule deliveries through GPS live tracking, safe driving, and accurate ETAs with advanced fleet technology.

Improve Fleet Delivery with Driver•i

Ensure high-quality delivery services with Netradyne’s fleet management software.

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Quick and Easy Set Up

Netradyne’s team will help you get up and running quickly to maximize overall fleet operation.
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Intuitive and Accessible Dashboard

Monitor delivery vehicle performance, view device-generated events, and access analyzed data about driver performance on the dashboard’s easy-to-use interface.
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Live Tracking & Vehicle Locator

Locate vehicles at any particular time through the Driver•i real-time GPS tracking. This information can also be utilized to better ETAs and monitor fleet deliveries.

Efficiently Manage Delivery Vehicles

Be able to multitask through the dashboard and access 100 hours of video data.

Gain Insight to Enhance Your Deliveries

Through the management portal, fleet managers have access to 100 hours of driver footage to ensure delivery service vehicles are where they need to be, on time.
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Reduce Operation Costs Like Fuel and Maintenance

Use the analyzed data based on 100 percent of drive time to assess how drivers can save on fuel, take smarter routes, and schedule regular maintenance. Driver•i captures the details for a better-managed fleet.

Automated Coaching with Fleet Dash Cameras

Netradyne’s GreenZone® Score is built on positive performance, highlighting your driver’s best behaviors and offering objective data as a basis for promotion. Self-coaching is also automated for drivers to identify risky behavior and prevent repeat occurrences.
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Minimize Insurance Costs from Avoiding Fraudulent Claims

Driver•i records incidents and protects your drivers from any fraudulent claims. Insurance companies will welcome the objective data and offer affordable rates when employing their services.
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Effective Delivery Fleet Management

Access relevant driving data—from driving patterns, position accuracy, and real-time locations—to run on-time schedules and ultimately maximize your budget.
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“We had two accidents within 24 hours, we were sued, even though we weren’t at fault. We had a vehicle put on its side, a very tragic accident. And both times the cameras 100% cleared us of any liability, having that and being able to show the driver how they were protected, how they did so good.”
Greg Hendricks Vice President of Compliance & Operations at Salt Lake Express

Guaranteed Driver Retention

Driver•i delivers automated coaching with a balance of positive feedback and constructive criticism. Drivers are able to self-coach and self-correct.

Boost in Delivery Fleet Performance

Netradyne’s numbers show the results: customers see 90% better compliance scores, 76% following distance performance, and 60% distracted driving reduction across different fleets.

Sustainable Safety for Delivery Businesses

Transforming your fleet’s data into insights that will benefit your business in the long run. Real-time computing analyzes risk for the entire driving time. Remote connections allow drivers to improve in real-time.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should delivery drivers have dash cams?

The Netradyne D-430 dash cams exonerate drivers with video proof, recognize and reward safe driving habits, and give real-time alerts to road signs and distracted driving. The Driver•i app also allows full autonomy for how a driver takes on a coachable opportunity.

How can fleet managers benefit from using dash cameras?

Fleet managers gain full visibility into what is happening in and around their vehicles with Netradyne’s 360° view dash cams. Through the Driver•i dashboard, fleet and safety managers can access video quickly, monitor GreenZone scores, and be alerted to risky driving behavior in real-time. Also, the Driver•i app allows fleet managers to coach remotely and capture critical events to exonerate drivers.

How to create an effective delivery and transportation management system?

The data from Netradyne’s Driver•i system allows fleet managers to monitor safe driving behavior, track vehicles, and make better data-driven decisions on budgeting and time management. Having this easy-to-use software helps create an organized system for improved job performance.

How can Netradyne’s fleet camera system reduce false insurance claims?

Having Netradyne’s D-430 cameras helps drivers have a 360° view of their vehicles. Recorded and real-time videos provide proof to fight false accident claims and avoid nuclear verdicts.

How are GreenZone® scores calculated?

GreenZone® scores are based on all-around driver performance. The score can be increased on safe driving behavior and corrected behaviors. Both drivers and fleet managers can view the score and see what areas are improving.