Advanced Fleet Safety

Reduce fleet risk, improve driver skills, and protect the bottom line

A New Approach to Driver Safety

Harness the power of positive reinforcement and the most advanced AI

Recognize & Reward Drivers

Automated, AI-Powered Coaching

Safety Data Intelligence

AI Risk Identification

How It Works

AI Fleet Camera System

Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

Decrease risk with real-time in-cab audio alerts; notify drivers to take corrective action, warn of potential accidents, and immediately make safe decisions.
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Detect and Correct

Reduce unsafe driving violations like drowsy driving and distracted driving by up to 96%.
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Easily Analyze and Review Video

Create an evidence-based environment with instant alerts to drivers and insights to managers in straightforward reports to prevent accidents.
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Automate Driver Coaching for Continuous Improvement

Automate driver coaching to implement a "high-touch" safety program without increasing overhead.
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Retain Your Best Drivers

Keep your drivers happy and focused on growing your business with the only fleet camera that can identify, reinforce, and reward great driving.
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Hear From Our Customers

"With access to the complete picture, we reduced unsafe events by 77% in 10 months of use."
Titan Freight Systems
“We found that the artificial intelligence, machine learning, video quality, and instant feedback provided by Driver•i solution was the best dash cam that fit our needs, and the enhanced focus on positive aspects of our driver’s behavior was a true product differentiator.”
Halvor Lines

Awards & Accolades

Netradyne is honored as an industry leader in fleet safety solutions, a trusted service provider and an employer of distinction.

Gold Stevie® Award

Awarded Gold Stevie® Award for Transportation Product of the Year (Driver•i D-430).

Forbes AI 50

Inducted into Forbes AI Top 50 Companies to Watch list for 2022.

Corporate Excellence Award

2022 Corporate Excellence Award for Most Innovative Fleet Safety & Analytics Solutions Firm.

The Driver•i AI high-definition cameras analyze, evaluate, and score every minute of the drive; classifying the risk and compiling it into a driver and fleet score.

Smart Technology
Automate Driver Coaching

Smart Technology

The Driver•i AI high-definition cameras analyze, evaluate, and score every minute of the drive; classifying the risk and compiling it into a driver and fleet score.


Automate Driver Coaching

Build better relationships and engage with drivers with a blend of positive and constructive feedback, while streamlining the coaching experience.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How do Netradyne fleet dash cameras help improve fleet safety?

Netradyne dash cameras can identify road signs, following distance, and other occurrences in real-time through the Driver•i system. By having live feedback, drivers can monitor their driving and make adjustments accordingly.

Why should driver safety be every fleet manager's top priority?

Keeping your drivers safe means a better working environment for your employees, improved driver retention, and easier insurance claims.

How can safety coaching for fleet drivers be improved with Netradyne’s fleet safety solution?

With Netradyne’s fleet safety solution, you can reference videos that capture 100% of drive time, assign coachable opportunities directly to drivers, and reward improved safe driving behavior.

What is a fleet driver safety program?

A fleet driver safety program is a way for you to provide a safe work environment, reduce risks during hours of service (HOS), and manage unfair claims.

What is a fleet safety certification?

Having a fleet safety certification gives you the ability to better manage risks and identify risky behavior.

Can dash cameras reduce fleet insurance costs?

By having a dash camera you can fight false claims, correct unsafe or risky driving, and see a potential dip in accidents. While a camera can’t completely eliminate all accidents, it can identify the avoidable risks that potentially increase your insurance costs.

Is Netradyne fleet safety and fleet management solutions available globally?

Yes, the solutions offered by Netradyne are available globally.

Can trucks use Netradyne fleet cameras for fleet safety?

The number one goal of Netradyne’s fleet cameras is keeping drivers safe through live in-cab alerts and constructive coaching through the Driver•i app.

Does Netradyne fleet management cameras have GPS Device for tracking fleet vehicles, and does it contain Geofencing features?

Yes, you can track your vehicles through the Netradyne cameras and utilize the Geofencing features.