Fleet Management & Safety for Oil and Gas Transportation

Monitor fleet safety in real-time, quickly connect to driver performance, and easily access and reference data. With Driver•i, provide high-quality services and ensure the safety of your operators

Run an Optimized Operation

Ensure on time deliveries through the most advanced fleet management system. Gain quick, easy access to reliable data to better track vehicles and mitigate on-site risk.

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Increase Driver Retention

Automated coaching that balances positive feedback and constructive criticism. Drivers are able to self-coach and improve their safe driving behavior.
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Boost Fleet Performance

Driver•i numbers show 90% better compliance scores, 76% following distance performance, and 60% distracted driving reduction across different fleets.
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A Sustainable Safety Culture

Real-time computing analyzes risk for the entire drive time. In-cab alerts allow drivers to correct risky driving behavior and receive recognition for safe driving.

Advanced Telematics Solutions with Driver•i

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Locate and actively monitor all vehicles in real time. Identify the last engine status of the vehicle based on the color of the vehicle icon.

ETAs Based on AI Predictions

Track the locations of vehicles with updates occurring every 15-20 seconds. Have access to real-time videos and utilize GPS tracking to ensure your vehicles are on schedule.

Increase Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency begin and continue with your drivers. With the Driver•i app, drivers are rewarded for positive driving behavior and are given the opportunity to self-coach.

Real-Time Action Based on Data Analysis

In-cab audio alerts provide real-time feedback to prompt corrective action. This feedback works as an active means to encourage good driving habits.

Monitor and Manage Assets

Get the whole picture of every important detail: from risky behavior to exact arrival and departure times. Fleet managers can make data-driven decisions that assure efficiency and reduce operational costs for the oil and gas industry.

Faster Claims and Reduced Litigation Chances

Dashcam recorded footage protects drivers from false claims. With objective and indisputable proof, litigation chances are reduced, and your fleet can be more marketable to insurance carriers because you are taking necessary safety precautions.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can oil & gas fleet managers create a reliable safety system?

With Netradyne’s Driver•i system, you can monitor vehicle maintenance to prevent overexertion, coach drivers on safe driving both remotely and in person, and increase overall efficiency on jobs.

How can oil & gas carriers stay safe on the road with dashcams?

With Driver•i, drivers and fleet managers can be alerted to safety risks inside and outside the cab. The technology alerts drivers to outside influences like speeding, hard breaking, and in-cab distracted driving.

Can Netradyne’s Driver•i system help with efficiency?

The Driver•i system can assist fleet managers with tracking equipment and vehicles to ensure they are fulfilling their deliveries on time. The Driver•i app can keep drivers in contact with managers and keep them safe.

How can Netradyne’s fleet management software help with compliance in oil and gas?

Netradyne’s fleet management technology ensures the attainment of peak safe driver performance, meeting oil and gas regulations, and visibility into vehicle telematics. Fleet managers can quickly access alerts and recorded videos through this software to better maintain safety and compliance.