Fleet Management System for Commercial Vehicles

Make full fleet visibility your competitive edge

A fleet of white semi trucks side by side in a parking lot; manage your fleet

Gain Full Fleet Visibility

Know what’s happening in your business at all times with live GPS tracking, 360° video, and telematics data in one place.

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Live Fleet GPS Tracking

Get instant visibility into any situation with live vehicle locations and a 360° camera live stream. View speed, engine status, and other key vehicle telematics data with ease.
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black and white road map with green markers that track truck stops and deliveries

Fleet Safety and Compliance

Analyze data to manage fleet risk and prevent accidents before they happen.
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Dashboard of statistics indicating fleet safety data

Prevent Theft and Vehicle Misuse

Stop theft by capturing 360° HD video when the camera detects motion. View video or GPS data from any point in the past to see exactly what your vehicles were used for, and by who.
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A bearded man with construction gear driving a truck in a large semi parking lot
Carl Svendsen, Chief Strategy Officer at Halvor Lines
"Our program goal was to select a technology that created synergies with our drivers; working with them to advance our safety and service programs… ultimately, this is an investment in our partnership with our drivers in order to create the best environment for their safety and success.”
Carl Svendsen Chief Strategy Officer at Halvor Lines
John Elliott, CEO at Load One Portrait
“We wanted a next-gen platform that wouldn’t be outdated quickly. We also wanted a product that embraced our overall mindset of being a positive, driver-friendly, safety-oriented company. The Netradyne platform represented all of that for us.”
John Elliott CEO at Load One
Amanda Gallegos, Director of Risk Management, Stewart Transport
“Thieves stole tires and parts and we had no recourse. We put Driver•i cameras in two trucks parked in that yard, captured the video, sent it to the police, and they matched it to a suspect. We never could have done that with our former camera solution.”
Amanda Gallegos Director of Risk Management at Stewart Transport

Awards & Accolades

Netradyne is honored as an industry leader in fleet safety solutions, a trusted service provider and an employer of distinction.

red and gold 2022 Stevie Award Winner for American Busines Awards

Gold Stevie® Award

Awarded Gold Stevie® Award for Transportation Product of the Year (Driver•i D-430).
Green and light blue color Forbes AI50 Top AI Firms to watch in 2022

Forbes AI 50

Inducted into Forbes AI Top 50 Companies to Watch list for 2022.
Organic blue shape award with Corporate vision logo labeled Corporate excellence awards

Corporate Excellence Award

2022 Corporate Excellence Award for Most Innovative Fleet Safety & Analytics Solutions Firm.

Improve Customer Service

Resolve customer disputes by verifying arrival times, where your driver parked, and cargo condition with 360° and in-trailer HD video.
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Two truck drivers standing in front of two white semis inside a warehouse

Free Your Staff to Focus on Growth

Automate driver coaching, performance reporting, and incentive program management to free your staff to focus on profitability and growth.
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Dashboard of statistics reporting on driver performance

Commonly Asked Questions

What are fleet management best practices?

Some core practices of effective fleet management are:

  • Having fleet management software that helps track the safety and improvement of your drivers.
  • Keeping up with regular fleet vehicle maintenance.
  • Establishing effective coaching for your drivers.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is making sure your fleet is running on time, on budget, and practicing safe driving behavior.

What are the types of fleet management systems?

There are two main types of fleet management systems: offline and online. An offline management system is an in-cab recording system where the video is analyzed later on while an online management system is when all vehicles are connected to one system and the videos can be analyzed in real-time while recording.

What do fleet management companies do?

A fleet management company’s main job is owning a large fleet of vehicles that they lease out to customers.

What does a fleet manager do?

The fleet manager is in charge of planning and coordinating jobs, coaching drivers, and the maintenance and repair of fleet vehicles.

What is the importance of fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking allows fleet managers to monitor vehicle maintenance, project completion, and driver safety and compliance.