Fleet Management for Field Service Vehicles

The Driver•i fleet camera system is an advanced vehicle dash cam designed for service trucks, emergency trucks, fire trucks, and ambulances. A safety-oriented software that provides easy asset tracking and real-time telematics solutions.


Take Control of Your Fleet

As the leader in vehicle telematics, Netradyne provides customizable solutions for managing field service fleets. Our advanced technology reduces fleet-wide risk with real-time GPS tracking and empowers drivers by recognizing and rewarding positive driving behavior.

Better Track Vehicles and Assets with Driver•i

Ensure high-quality delivery services with Netradyne’s fleet management software.

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Increased Customer

Improve customer experience and satisfaction with reduced driving incidents, data-driven insights, and clear visibility.
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Utilize GPS fleet tracking and reliable data to estimate arrival times and route vehicles accurately.
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Improved Fleet Safety

Automatically coach drivers on risky driving behavior in real-time. The Driver•i app allows drivers and managers to view driver scores actively.
“Our program goal was to select a technology that created synergies with our drivers; working with them to advance our safety and service programs… ultimately, this is an investment in our partnership with our drivers in order to create the best environment for their safety and success.”
Carl Svendsen Chief Strategy Officer at Halvor Lines
“Cameras really tell us how to proceed. They brought a lot of peace of mind. The safety director doesn’t have to guess anymore. I feel like the stress of people within my safety team has decreased so much because they don’t carry the burden of deciding what happened; they get to take action based on what they have visibility to, and they get to see the truth through that camera.”
Karen Smerchek President at Veriha Trucking

Optimize Field Services Fleet Operations with Driver•i

Asset Tracking in Real-time

Have full visibility of risky driving behavior, outside interferences on route, and vehicle maintenance with the Driver•i software. Fleet managers access this information quickly through the dashboard and Driver•i app for better routing and dispatching.

Make Data-Driven

With AI-powered dash cams, data is learned over time and can be accessed by fleet and safety managers. The information from this data helps make better-informed decisions about mitigating risk and improving overall workflow.
Learn about Managed Driver Coaching
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Protect Your Drivers and Your Brand

Inward-facing dash cameras help monitor risky driving behavior. Drivers are alerted in real-time of unsafe driving behavior like distracted driving, following distance, and speeding. Having a safety system based on safe driving corrections boosts the quality of service your business provides.
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Recognize Safe

GreenZone Scores are based on accomplished milestones and overall improved job performance. This gives drivers autonomy in how they perform their duties while maintaining safety and compliance on the road.
Learn about GreenZone® Driver Scoring

Easily Manage

Driver•i provides reliable, easy to access video for when you need proof to fight false insurance claims. Fleet managers monitor wear and tear on vehicles to be better prepared for maintenance.
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Commonly Asked Questions

What issues can Field Service Fleet Management Softwares help mitigate?

With multiple assets to keep track of, fleet managers need to have a software that can tackle the following issues:

  • Fleet tracking
  • Monitor safe driving behavior
  • Communicating effectively and remotely

With Netradyne’s Driver•i system, you can better manage these issues on an organized, user-friendly platform.

How does Netradyne’s GPS tracking work?

Through the Driver•i dashboard, you can track a vehicle’s route and who was last authorized to use it. You can also pull the vehicle’s tracking number and monitor operation time to keep up with maintenance.

How can improved driver coaching help with customer satisfaction?

Utilizing the Driver•i coaching feature can help drivers improve and maintain safe driving behavior, improve communication with fleet managers, and provide recognition for job performance. Driver•i helps you coach and retain your best drivers to provide excellent service for your customers.