Driver•i One

One device. One view. One subscription.

Achieve New Levels of Efficiency

Seamless access to the best of breed safety and fleet management tools. All in the Driver•i One solution, powered by Geotab and enabled by Driver•i video telematics.

With a single view, Driver•i One unifies your vehicle video, safety, GPS tracking, hours of service reporting, maintenance, fuel management, and more. You’ll have quick and easy access to critical fleet applications by meeting more of your needs in one integrated solution.

Driver•i One is the option for organizations that require a world-class video safety solution but need ELD and HOS compliance and fleet management capabilities. It provides a streamlined solution, harnessing a single, powerful hardware device to provide a reliable, single source of data.

Fleet Management


Use active diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) reporting and preventative maintenance automation to identify issues and prioritize vehicle repairs, reduce downtime, and improve safety.


Fleet Tracking

View driver and vehicle activity in real time, including idling time, driving time, safety alerts, stop locations (including geofenced), and trip history. Optimize vehicle use and on-time performance and share vehicle location and status with customers to improve service and satisfaction. Watch event videos directly from the map to see what happened along the route.


Perform a real-time analysis of your vehicle’s fuel economy. Identify fuel theft and track down driving habits that result in low fuel efficiency.


Create and classify circular or polygonal geofences and receive notifications when a vehicle enters, leaves, or remains inside a geofence beyond a set timeframe.

Routing and


Optimize routing to reduce fuel consumption and get to customers faster. Use an Exception Rules Engine and reports to highlight route variances and coach drivers. View live traffic conditions and road closures, find drivers nearby, and dispatch them directly using two-way messaging.



Automate reporting and real-time notifications based on your needs using any of the Fleet Management data.



(Hours of Service)

Become ELD-compliant with an FMCSA-certified ELD solution. Manage driver logs, availability, and violations.


(Driver Vehicle Inspection Report)

Conduct, review, and repair vehicle and trailer pre-trip, in-trip, and post-trip inspections.


(International Fuel Tax Agreement)

Create detailed IFTA and mileage reports based on vehicle activity. 

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Driver•i One

Simplifies in-cab technology by combining safety, compliance, and fleet operations in one integrated view

Fuses together Netradyne’s leading AI-powered safety with Geotab compliance and fleet management tools

Improves operational efficiency

Manage fewer vendors

Get better context for decisions by presenting information in one view