Fleet Vehicle Insurance Programs

Show a commitment to a structured safety culture, accurately measure risk, and identify business opportunities

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Safety and Compliance Benefits

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Lower Fleet Risk

J.L. Rothrock saw a 60% reduction in cell phone use and 34% reduction in following distance.
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Reduce Claims and Cost

Load One Transportation & Logistics saw a 82% reduction in claims.
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Improve Safety Standards

Within two weeks, ALTL driver’s score increased from 550 to 650 with the following distance alerts.
Craig Lozofsky, COO at Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Services USA, headshot portrait
“The ability of the Netradyne platform to capture many of the events we find most informative from a risk analytics perspective at a high-level of detail allows our data science work to deliver unique insights and critical information.”
Craig Lozofsky COO at Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Services USA
Rod Cooper, President at Classic Transportation
“Safe driving is always going to impact the financials. We’ll pay less on claims and receive lower premiums.”
Rod Cooper President at Classic Transportation

Awards & Accolades

Netradyne is honored as an industry leader in fleet safety solutions, a trusted service provider and an employer of distinction.

red and gold 2022 Stevie Award Winner for American Busines Awards

Gold Stevie® Award

Awarded Gold Stevie® Award for Transportation Product of the Year (Driver•i D-430).
Green and light blue color Forbes AI50 Top AI Firms to watch in 2022

Forbes AI 50

Inducted into Forbes AI Top 50 Companies to Watch list for 2022.
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Corporate Excellence Award

2022 Corporate Excellence Award for Most Innovative Fleet Safety & Analytics Solutions Firm.

How it Works

Access Robust Data via API

Use the most advanced data to assess risk in underwriting and modeling of new programs.
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Preferred Pricing and Discounts

Provide important data to support clients safety programs, beyond traditional inertial based risk factors.
Support fleet safety programs and get preferred pricing

Accelerate Insurance Settlements

Protect innocent drivers and expedite the claims process with the highest definition video evidence.
accelerate insurance settlements and protect drivers; semi crashed into a car

Accident Prevention & Coaching Program

Create an evidence-based environment with instant alerts and automated virtual coaching to drivers, reducing risky behavior. Insights to managers are given in straightforward reports to prevent accidents.
Driver safety statistics and accident report, accident prevention & coaching program

The Netradyne Dash Cam

Smart Technology
Automate Driver Coaching

Smart Technology

The Driver•i AI high-definition cameras analyze, evaluate, and score every minute of the drive; classifying the risk and compiling it into a driver and fleet score.

Netradyne Dash Cam, Smart Technology inside a Driveri camera

Automate Driver Coaching

Build better relationships and engage with drivers with a blend of positive and constructive feedback, while streamlining the coaching experience.

Netradyne Dash Cam, Smart Technology inside a Driveri camera

Insurance Partners Who Trust Us

MCIEF, Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation, a Netradyne Partner
Mc Griff, a Netradyne partner
Reliance Partners, a Netradyne Partner
Moter Technologies Inc, a Netradyne Partner

Find the Right Insurance Data Program or Partnership

We support insurance professionals, data pilots, programs, and more

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In the News

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Commonly Asked Questions

Are these programs only available to insurance carriers?

No, we create program partnerships with Brokerage firms and Captives.

Are the programs only available for Class 8 fleets?

No, we offer programs for all commercial fleets at any class.

Why should fleet managers choose Netradyne?

Netradyne has changed the way risk is analyzed. Instead of pulling insights around a few extreme events throughout the drive, Netradyne utilizes vision and artificial intelligence to analyze 100% of the drive automatically. As a result, complete data is provided for a more accurate risk assessment.

Why does Netradyne utilize AI in their dashcams?

Artificial intelligence can analyze billions of data points per second. By analyzing the entire drive for every insured vehicle, Netradyne provides insights into risky and compliant driving behavior.

How is the data accessed?

Data is accessed through API feed, Webhook (1HZ data) various reports available, and a dashboard portal for parent-child account access.

What is commercial vehicle insurance?

Commercial vehicle insurance is a business insurance policy that protects your owned or operated vehicles against liability for damages caused by accidents involving your vehicles. This policy can also provide compensation to drivers operating your business vehicles if they are injured in an accident.

What does a fleet insurance policy include?

A fleet insurance policy can include:

  • Bodily injury or death associated with an accident your business is at fault.
  • Property damage if one of your vehicles damages someone else’s property.
  • A combined single limit (CSL) can cover both of the above points.

Each state has its own minimum set of requirements for coverage for a business.

What is fleet liability coverage?

Fleet liability coverage insures your business’ vehicles in one policy. This can also cover your drivers if they get into an accident while driving for your business.

How does fleet insurance cover safety and compliance?

Fleet insurance protects your drivers and vehicles against claims, by having this liability coverage you are making sure that your employees are safe on the road.

What is the purpose of truck insurance?

Truck insurance makes sure that in the event of an accident caused by a truck driver, your driver and vehicle are covered for bodily injury and property damage.

How does truck liability coverage insurance work?

Liability coverage insurance is meant to protect your business and drivers from claims filed by others in the event of an accident. Depending on the insurance package you choose and your state’s requirements, your coverage can vary.