Vehicle Alerts with Impact

Monitor driver performance, analyze trends, and proactively address incidents to prevent them from happening in the future.

Encourage Good Driving Habits

Vehicle alerts should be intelligent. Driver•i acts as a real-time risk assessment system – providing visibility into driving behavior and incidents that may need quick action.

Reward Positive Driving

DriverStar awards, such as stop sign streaks, encourage safe driving practices by rewarding drivers.

Prevent Collisions

Prevent accidents from happening by alerting your drivers to risky behaviors, allowing the driver to self-correct before an accident happens.

Reduce Operational Costs

Save on fuel and maintenance expenses by avoiding harsh handling behavior, extreme following distance with predictive technology.
Holly Amboyer, HSE Coordinator at Barnhart Transportation
“For us, the cameras are for positive reinforcement, coaching and liability. The emails we get with the reports save us a lot of time; we’re not digging through footage. I can’t even imagine not having them in terms of the time to keep up with them. The driver scoring is excellent.”
Holly Amboyer HSE Coordinator at Barnhart Transportation
“I wear a lot of hats, but I can do the safety manager part of my job – reviewing critical events and drivers -- in 40 minutes. I make phone calls to drivers shortly after events occur. The Driver•i AI is very fast, especially with traffic signals, and I like that I can audit my own videos, as opposed to having the camera provider do the audit.”
Tom Treadwell Problem Solver at JA Trucking

Driver•i Smart Alerts

In-Cab Audio Alerts

In-vehicle alerts deliver an audio reminder – a beep or spoken words – directly to the driver, providing real-time feedback to adjust speeding, following distance, or distracted driving. Drivers can make corrections in real-time with no penalty.
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In-Cab Audio Alerts

Post-Speeding Alerts

Drivers receive in-cab alerts for going above speeding thresholds set by the fleet. This allows drivers to self-coach and correct their risky behavior.
drowsy driver alert system

Compound Alerts

Identify higher risk driving behavior with a combination of two base alerts that occur closely together in the same minute. See added context to events, like a driver following too close while exhibiting distracted driving.


DriverStars are awarded to drivers for proactive and safe driving behavior including creating safe following distance, and consecutive speed and stop sign compliance.
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Commonly Asked Questions

What data can be collected by the Netradyne dash cams?

Netradyne dash cams capture 100% of drive time meaning they can better assess the severity of an occurrence and make more precise predictions about driver behavior and vehicle usage. Data like the number of stop sign compliances, hard braking events, and distracted driving alerts are recorded and saved for coaching opportunities.

What incentive programs are effective for driver compliance?

Incentive programs will vary from company to company. However, a few examples of incentive programs that have worked for companies in the past are:

  • Giving gift cards to the highest scoring driver of the month
  • Doing shoutouts to high scoring drivers in a weekly newsletter
  • Giving safety bonuses

Through drivers’ GreeenZone Score, fleet and safety managers can recognize and reward their highest performing drivers accurately.

What type of tracking is offered by the Netradyne dash cam?

Netradyne’s dash cams offer vehicle alerts that help track driver performance and compliance violations. The Driver•i system also tracks engine on/off status so fleet managers can monitor when a vehicle is in service and utilize data to make better data-driven decisions.