Driver•i AI Fleet Camera System

Revolutionize your fleet’s safety with the industry’s most advanced fleet camera system.


“Cameras really tell us how to proceed. They brought a lot of peace of mind. The safety director doesn’t have to guess anymore. I feel like the stress of people within my safety team has decreased so much because they don’t carry the burden of deciding what happened; they get to take action based on what they have visibility to, and they get to see the truth through that camera.”
Karen Smerchek President at Veriha Trucking
"Our program goal was to select a technology that created synergies with our drivers; working with them to advance our safety and service programs… Ultimately, this is an investment in our partnership with our drivers in order to create the best environment for their safety and success."
Carl Svendsen Chief Strategy Officer at Halvor Lines
“It’s tough to know what’s going on in the trucks, and with the AI, we now have visibility. We were honestly a bit surprised seeing what some of the drivers were doing. These things quickly improved however when Mike was able to monitor them using the cameras and then working with the drivers.”
Rod Cooper CEO at Classic Transportation

Powered by Driver·i, the Industry's Most Advanced Fleet Camera Technology

Choose from road facing, dual, and quad dash cameras – all powered by Driver·i’s industry-leading AI, edge computing, and accuracy.

Driver·i Quad Fleet Dash Cam

Driver·i Quad Fleet Dash Cam

The flagship vision-based Driver•i quad dash cam system includes four HD 1080p cameras providing a 360-degree picture: one road-facing, one driver-facing, and two side window views.

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Driver·i Dual Fleet Dash Cam

The vision-based Driver•i dual dash cam system was designed for small and medium vehicles, and features two HD cameras: road-facing and driver-facing.

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Driver·i Hub Camera Extension

Driver•i Hub supports up to four additional cameras, perfect for monitoring passengers or cargo monitoring.

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Fleet Safety Camera Features

AI Risk Detection

Detect 7x more risk than the competition.

Analyze 100% of Drive Time

Most accurate data with 100% of drive time analyzed.

360° Visibility

Get the full story with 360° visibility around the vehicle.

Live Streaming

See what's happening in and around vehicles in near real time.

Virtual Driver Coaching

A self-directed weekly review of driver's opportunities for improvement.

Enhanced Privacy Mode

Detect risk such as distracted driving without recording inside the cab (optional).

Positive Driver Recognition

Recognize and reinforce great driving with DriverStars.

Easy Install & Tamper Resistant

Install in minutes and get alerted if cameras are disconnected.

On-Demand Video Access

Pull video from any point in seconds with 200 hours of dash cam storage.

Night Vision

Get crystal clear video evidence - even at night.

Live In-Cab Coaching

Correct risk and reinforce great driving in real time with audio coaching.

30+ Driver Alerts

Up to 99%* accuracy with quick context through compound alerts.

How the Driver·i Fleet Camera System Works

Detect and Correct 7x More Safety Risk In Real-Time

Identify 30+ driver safety alerts and correct the behavior instantly with live in-cab coaching before an accident or violation occurs.
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Dash cam capture of a semi in the left passing lane. Promote a safety driving program with Netradyne

Recognize and Reinforce Great Driving

Reward great driving with the only fleet camera system that can accurately differentiate risk and defensive driving.
Learn about GreenZone® Driver Scoring

Instantly Analyze And Review Captured Video

Feel confident the video you need will be there with the only fleet camera that records 100% of drive time with 360° visibility. Easily complete safety coaching drive alongs for new drivers with live video streaming.
Learn About Video Access

Automated Driver Safety Coaching

Let drivers take control of their career with Virtual Coaching, a self-directed weekly safety review of their top opportunities for improvement. Virtual Coaching includes video examples so your drivers can contextualize the feedback.
Learn About Self-Managed Driver Coaching
Give Yourself a Competitive Edge with Self-Managed Driver Coaching

Intelligent Coaching Recommendations

Recommended Coaching uses AI to identify which drivers could most benefit from additional safety coaching, and what they need help with. Our fast safety coaching workflow helps your team coach more drivers in less time. Detailed historical safety coaching logs make proving your dedication to driver safety simple.
Learn About Managed Coaching
A fleet manager dashboard. Seamless fleet coaching on a tablet

Advanced Fleet Safety Reporting

Quickly understand driver safety performance with the GreenZone® Score, the only driver scoring system that measures the entire driving day. Or, drill deep into driver behavior with 30+ alerts and 20+ pre-built reports.
Learn About Managed Coaching
Dashboard mocked up in a tablet showing driver analytics and csa scores

Simplify Collision Reconstruction

Take the headaches out of accident reconstruction with end-to-end collision management. Easily respond to FMCSA DataQ’s, expedite insurance claims, and defend your fleet against false litigation.
accelerate insurance settlements and protect drivers; semi crashed into a car

Manage Your Fleet In One Place

Driver.i One combines Netradyne’s intelligent dash cam and telematics solution with Geotab®’s trusted Fleet Maintenance, GPS Tracking, Fuel Usage, and Compliance applications. Improve fleet performance with one device, one view, and one vendor to deliver it all.
Learn About Driver•i One

Built for Driver Privacy

Choose to analyze and coach risk but not record driver-facing dash cam video with Enhanced Privacy Mode. Up to 99%* accurate AI minimizes the need for your staff to watch video, providing drivers with more in-cab privacy than other solutions.
Learn About Driver Privacy

Unmatched Visibility Into Fleet Performance

Distracted Driving Reduction

Following Distance Improvement

Better Compliance 

Driving Miles Analyzed


What Our Customers Have To Say About the Driver·i Fleet Camera System

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Awards and Recognitions for Driver•i

Netradyne is honored as an industry leader in fleet safety solutions.

Gold Stevie®

Netradyne’s Driver•i One Honored as Gold Stevie® Award Winner in 2024 American Business Awards®.

Forbes Best Startup
Employers List

We are honored to be included on the Forbes and Statista America’s Best Startup Employers Award List.
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Corporate Excellence

2022 Corporate Excellence Award for Most Innovative Fleet Safety & Analytics Solutions Firm.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How does the Driver•i AI Fleet Camera System enhance safety for my fleet?

The Driver•i Fleet Camera System uses advanced AI technology to proactively analyze 100% of the driving day, providing real-time alerts for potential hazards and risky driver behavior. With the highest resolution video and advanced object detection, it can visually identify signs, signals, pedestrians, and other objects, delivering real-time insights and alerts to help prevent accidents before they happen and improve overall safety for your fleet.

What’s the difference between a regular dash cam and Driver•i AI-powered dash cams?

Driver•i’s AI-powered dash cams use machine learning and edge computing to better identify positive and risky driving behaviors. For example, if a driver is following too closely but then corrects their behavior, the inward-facing dash cam will recognize the correction and reward the driver through their GreenZone Score.

Do drivers have access to the dash cam video and data?

Drivers can be assigned dash cam videos by fleet managers for coaching. This is done through the dashboard which also shows a driver’s GreenZone Score. The GreenZone Score also shows how a driver is improving and where they need to improve, this is displayed on the mobile app.

What triggers the dash cam alerts?

The Driver•i dash cams capture 100% of the drive time. Events like speeding, hard braking, and following distance trigger in-cab audio alerts so the driver can correct their risky driving behavior. Recordings from the dash cams are organized by alert on the Driver•i dashboard so fleet managers can find coachable moments easier.

Do the Driver•i dash cams still record when the vehicle is off?

Driver•i’s dash cams turn off when the vehicle is turned off. Also, there is a privacy mode feature for when the driver goes on a break or clocks out.

How does the Driver•i Hub Camera Extension work?

The Driver•i Hub is an accessory to the Driver•i video safety system. It supports up to four additional cameras for a complete 360-degree picture around the exterior of a vehicle, or the interior for passenger views or cargo monitoring. This enables fleet managers to have a more comprehensive view of their fleet and improve monitoring and decision making.

Can the Driver•i Fleet Camera System be integrated with other systems?

Yes, the Driver•i Fleet Camera System can be integrated with other fleet management systems such as GPS tracking and telematics systems to provide a more comprehensive view of fleet performance. Learn about Netradyne integrations here.

What fleet dash cam hardware options are available?

Fleets can choose between a road facing dash cam, dual facing dash cam, quad dash cam, and side dash cams.

What alerts are available? 

Driver·i offers alerts for Driver Distraction, Following Distance, Speeding Violations, Seatbelt Compliance, Driver Drowsiness, Weaving, Relative Speeding, Railroad Crossing, Collision Warning, No Truck Sign Violation, Requested Video, Camera Obstruction, Dangerous Backing Up, Unsecured Packages, Smoking, Potential Collisions, Low Impact Collisions, High G Force Events, and more. 

Disclaimer: *Individual results and conditions may vary for AI accuracy.