Intelligent Camera System for Commercial Vehicles

Driveri® AI fleet dash cam is built to help fleet managers enhance driver safety by monitoring driver behavior, real-time vehicle location with geofencing and capturing critical events on the road.

HD quality video

Intelligent Fleet Dash Cams

In a world of risk, Driveri is the only fleet dash cam to proactively analyze 100% of the driving day. With HD quality video from the highest camera resolution, Driveri can visually identify signs, signals, pedestrians, and other objects delivering insights in real-time.
Netradyne AI Camera

Help Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

Decrease risk with real-time in-cab audio alerts; notify drivers to take corrective action, warn of potential accidents, and immediately make safe decisions.
Netradyne fleet dash cam in-cab audio alert notification

Instantly Analyze And Review Captured Video

Driveri's HD camera system delivers superior visibility into driver behavior and fleet performance by capturing severe events in real-time and uploading them directly to the fleet dashboard for review.
Netradyne Driveri fleet dash cam front facing view
How it works

Advanced Computer Vision

The Driveri fleet dash cam comes in two form factors.
Both models record continuously and analyze thousands of data points directly on the device itself, delivering real-time insights and alerts.

Driveri 4 Camera System
Driveri 2 Camera System
DriveriHub - Camera Extension

Driveri 4 Camera System

The flagship vision-based Driveri 4 camera system includes four HD cameras providing a 360-degree picture: one road-facing, one driver-facing, and two side window views.

Driveri camera four views

Driveri 2 Camera System

The vision-based Driveri 2 camera system was designed for small and medium vehicles, and features two HD cameras: road-facing and driver-facing.

Driveri dash camera

DriveriHub - Camera Extension

DriveriHub is an accessory to the Driveri® video safety system. It supports up to four additional cameras for a complete 360-degree picture around the exterior of a vehicle, or the interior for passenger views or cargo monitoring.

Netradyne Driveri hub

Hear From Our Customers


"With access to the complete picture, we reduced unsafe events by 77% in 10 months of use."

Halvor Lines

“We found that the artificial intelligence, machine learning, video quality, and instant feedback provided by Driveri solution was the best dash cam that fit our needs, and the enhanced focus on positive aspects of our driver’s behavior was a true product differentiator.”