Elevate your Safety-First Culture with Driver•i

Get unrivaled visibility, invaluable insights, and highly accurate AI-powered in-cab alerts.

The Context You Need When You Need It

Our unique approach of analyzing 100% of driving time enables you to know exactly what happens when events occur for a more realistic view of your fleet’s safety and risk profile.



Easy access to critical footage and undisputed video clarity to prove service delivery and defend your drivers and brand.



Empower your drivers to make good decisions while on the road with positive recognition and timely in-cab alerts.
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Reduce Claims
& Insurance Costs

Decrease the frequency and severity of collisions with a holistic safety program that gives you complete visibility and keeps you informed when you need to be.
“Driver·i makes drivers more aware of opportunities to make themselves better drivers. Once I see it, I can go in and fix whatever I need on my own.”
Rashad Hollis
 Driver at STS Electronic Recycling, Inc
“One driver hit a hawk and it was caught on camera. We viewed the video and knew the situation right away. Instead of spending time trying to figure out what happened, we immediately sent the driver to get the windshield fixed.”
Wayne Larson Safety and Compliance Director at STS Electronic Recycling, Inc.

A Complete Video Safety and Telematics Solution for the Waste & Recycling Industry

Advocate For Your Drivers

Complete coverage with crystal-clear road-, driver-facing, left and right views from a single device coupled with accurate, timely and effective in-cab alerts and easy access to video help protect and defend drivers and your service throughout their trip. `Automate the recognition and reward of safe driving behaviors - drivers earn DriverStars for good driving decisions they make while on the road.
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Complete Visibility to Maximize Routes & Work Hours

Effortlessly monitor your entire fleet and zoom in to view individual vehicle and driver detail. You can enhance efficiency by effectively managing driver productivity and reduce operational costs.
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Driver•i App Increases Driver Engagement

Powerful gamification tools to tap into our innate desire for achievement and recognition make tasks more engaging and foster competition with a clear path to progress and improvement. Drivers can easily review their performance data and benchmark themselves against their peers and the overall fleet goal. ​
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Impactful Coaching

Accurate data and scores save you time and help you be more proactive. The GreenZone® Score updates in real-time throughout the driving day and includes analysis of 100% of the drive time captured giving you clear insight into your driver’s performance and an accurate view of their driving habits.
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Commonly Asked Questions

Can Netradyne® help with complete visibility in and around the vehicle?

Yes, you can choose between the 2-lens Driver•i or the 4-lens Driver•i coupled with the Driver•i Hub-X which enables support of up to 4 additional dash cams, greatly reducing blind spots. The system also supports an in-cab monitor so drivers have a clear view of all of the cameras together.

Does Netradyne® have connected solutions in one platform?

Yes, with the Driver•i Integration Platform, you can integrate the systems you already use to one centralized platform for improved tracking, visibility, and organization. With Netradyne’s industry leading software, you’re able to streamline fleet operations and prioritize driver safety.