AI-Powered Safety and Fleet Management Solutions for Oil & Gas Transportation

Give drivers and managers more visibility and context with Driver•i®’s unparalleled capabilities in real-time risk detection and accident prevention. Create a culture that reduces risks and increases efficiencies associated with your day-to-day operations.

Run an Optimized Operation

Ensure on time deliveries through the most advanced fleet management system. Gain quick, easy access to reliable data to better track vehicles and mitigate on-site risk.

Improve Visibility and Decision Making Around Your Vehicles

Provide full visibility in and around vehicles with solutions that bring together AI dash cams and auxiliary cameras. Detect risky driver behavior and outside events, using real-time AI alerts to prevent accidents.

Increase Efficiency and Lower Operational Risk

Keep vehicles on the road and immediately reduce key operational costs, maximizing the returns on investment. Access fleet-level and driver-specific insights to inform executive decision making.

Strengthen Partnerships with a Culture of Driver Safety

Measure and monitor safety with the GreenZone® Score and its automated coaching and positive recognition features. Build long-term relationships with drivers and insurers, lowering the associated costs.
"Technology like Driver•i is the future of the transportation industry. It is an investment you have to make in the safety and well-being of your people as well as the general public. Our partnership with Netradyne is helping our drivers to be safer on the roadway and keep their skills sharp through the coaching that is available."
Harold Sumerford, Jr. CEO at J&M Tank Lines, Inc.
"Inward facing cameras offer J&M Tank Lines, Inc. the ability to truly live our core values through safety and to do our part in reducing the amount of distracted driving through partnerships with the Lutzie43 Foundation and NTTC's Zero Distractions,"
Dave Edmondson Vice President of Safety and Compliance at J&M Tank Lines, Inc.

Advanced Telematics Solutions with Driver•i

Increase Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency begin and continue with your drivers. With the Driver•i app, drivers are rewarded for positive driving behavior and are given the opportunity to self-coach.

Real-Time Action Based on Data Analysis

In-cab audio alerts provide real-time feedback to prompt corrective action. This feedback works as an active means to encourage good driving habits.
Learn about Driver Self Coaching

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Locate and actively monitor all vehicles in real time. Identify the last engine status of the vehicle based on the color of the vehicle icon.
Learn more about GPS Tracking

ETAs Based on AI Predictions

Track the locations of vehicles with updates occurring every 15-20 seconds. Have access to real-time videos and utilize GPS tracking to ensure your vehicles are on schedule.

Faster Claims and Reduced Litigation Chances

Dashcam recorded footage protects drivers from false claims. With objective and indisputable proof, litigation chances are reduced, and your fleet can be more marketable to insurance carriers because you are taking necessary safety precautions.
Learn more about Video Access

Commonly Asked Questions

How can oil & gas carriers stay safe on the road with dashcams?

With Driver•i, drivers and fleet managers can be alerted to safety risks inside and outside the cab. The technology alerts drivers to outside influences like speeding, hard breaking, and in-cab distracted driving.

Can Netradyne’s Driver•i system help with efficiency?

The Driver•i system can assist fleet managers with tracking vehicles to ensure they are fulfilling their deliveries on time. The Driver•i app can keep drivers in contact with managers and keep them safe.