A Solid Foundation for Road and Jobsite Safety

Improve safety, delivery cycle performance, and customer satisfaction with fundamentally different, AI-powered video safety and telematics.

Full Visibility and Context When and Where You Need It

Driver·i® delivers a video safety program for concrete companies that’s built on positive recognition, driver self-coaching, accurate in-cab alerts, and analysis of 100% of drive time. See what’s happening on the road and around the truck to increase safety, productivity, and on-time performance.

Reduce Claims and
Insurance Costs

Decrease the frequency and severity of collisions with a holistic safety program that keeps you informed when you need to be.



Empower your drivers to make safe driving decisions with positive recognition and timely in-cab alerts.


See fleet status, location, trip history, idling, routing, scheduling, geofencing, and safety alert videos on a map in real time.
“Netradyne has provided us the tools to advance our driver safety program. The ability to recognize and reward positive driving behavior and provide real-time driver coaching has advanced our fleet safety.”
Kyle Beckman Safety & Environmental at MMC Materials

A Complete Video Safety and Telematics Solution for the Concrete Industry

The Complete Picture

Only Netradyne’s AI-powered video safety system provides full context by analyzing 100% of drive time and an up to 360-degree view around the vehicle. You’ll have complete coverage with crystal-clear road, driver-facing, left and right camera views from a single device and accurate, effective in-cab alerts to help drivers improve safety in real time.
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Recognize, Reward, and Retain Great Drivers

The GreenZone® is the industry’s first driver score built on positive driving, versus solely focusing on negative events. Drivers receive automatic recognition for good driving and gain visibility into risky driving behavior. GreenMinutes show how long drivers have remained safe and compliant and modes of risk (severe/moderate) show when coaching is required.
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Reduce Risk

Driver·i provides immediate access to critical footage and crystal-clear video to defend your drivers and protect your business. You’ll be able to take on insurance claims with solid, high-quality video evidence. Having AI-powered dash cams that can accurately identify both positive and negative driving behavior paves the way for an effective safety culture.
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Maximize Safety and Efficiency

Provide timely delivery for waiting crews, ensure the freshness and quality of concrete, and prevent rejected loads with a unified platform for safety and fleet management. Driver·i One enables you to optimize fleet utilization and routing with real-time GPS tracking, improve fuel economy and coach drivers on fuel efficiency, identify maintenance issues before they impact performance, minimize unplanned downtime, and improve customer satisfaction—with one device, one view, and one vendor to deliver it all.
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Commonly Asked Questions

How does the GreenZone Score help drivers?

GreenZone Scores give drivers autonomy over how they improve and maintain safe operating behavior. Your drivers can see how their scores are affected and make adjustments independently. Giving operators control over how they improve creates a positive, constructive work culture and saves time on coaching for fleet managers.

Can Netradyne provide complete visibility in and around the vehicle?

Yes, you can choose between the 2-lens Driver•i or the 4-lens Driver•i coupled with the Driver•i Hub-X which enables support of up to 4 additional dash cams, greatly reducing blind spots. The system also supports an in-cab monitor so drivers have a clear view of all of the cameras together.