Fleet Video Event Access

Access and request videos for any period of time that a vehicle is being operated. Protect your fleet with comprehensive event capture capabilities.

Fleet Video Event Access

Find the Footage You Need

Driver•i records 100% of driver time for full visibility on the road. With the highest resolution, Driver•i footage provides details that you can’t get with other dash cams.

Spend Less Time Watching Videos

Let Driver•i do the work for you by automatically organizing the most severe events to review.

Retrieve Footage Instantly

Quickly locate the video evidence captured for your fleets to reduce incident-related expenditures.

Identify Vehicles Easier

With location-based access search, you can identify vehicles that have been in specific locations, even when the vehicle number is unknown.
“The cameras are fantastic because they’re protecting us. You never know what’s going to happen out there and having that proof that can get us out of legal troubles is key.”
Mark Devriendt Safety Manager at Ralph Moyle, Inc.
“If someone hits us in a weird spot, and we can’t contest it, most likely—because we’re the ‘big, bad trucking company’—it’s our fault,” he said. “With this system, we have all the angles covered. There’s nothing worse than a fraudulent claim that gets paid out.”
Jerry Piszczor CFO at Altom Transport, Inc / Al Warren Oil Co., Inc.

Immediate Video Capture for Fleets

Easily Access Comprehensive Video Event Footage

Gain clear visibility into what’s happening in and around the vehicle with easily accessible HD dash cam video. Capture compliance violations like speeding, distracted driving, and following distance to have better insight into risky driving behaviors.
Fleet Video Event Access

Prioritize Safety Engagement

Reliable dash cam video helps you get the full picture of driver safety to better collaborate with your drivers. Share videos through the Driver•i app to help drivers focus on improvement areas and reinforce positive driving behaviors.
Fleet Video Event Access

Secure Digital Storage

Searchable, real-time video captures up to 100 hours of drive time. Access video events to train new drivers, coach remotely, and take on insurance claims.
Fleet Video Event Access

Take on Insurance Claims

Having AI-powered dash cams that accurately identify both positive and negative driving behavior sets a strong foundation for an effective safety culture. Your fleet will be able to take on insurance claims with solid, high-quality video evidence.
Fleet Video Event Access

Commonly Asked Questions

How can dash cams help with litigation claims?

Having quick, easy access to driver footage provides tangible proof when facing an issuance claim. Even if your driver is at fault, you and the insurance company can assess the severity of the event and settle claims faster.

How can dash cams help establish an affective safety culture?

The data dash cams process helps fleet and safety managers personalize coaching to the individual driver and make improved assessments on the level of risk for each event. In addition, frictionless coaching removes the resentment from coaching on only negative behaviors.

How do fleet and safety managers sort through all these recorded videos?

Netradyne’s Driver•i platform is organized in a way that shows who the top and bottom drivers are in your fleet. Also, the dashboard clearly lays out which videos need to be looked at and what alerts need to be brought to a driver’s attention.