A Fundamentally Different Approach to Safety

Get the insights you need with undisputed evidence, video clarity, and context from Driver•i.

Designed with Safety in Mind

Our unparalleled approach of analyzing 100% of driving time gives you unique insight for a more realistic view of your fleet’s safety and risk profile.

Protect Passengers,
Drivers & Assets

Transport your passengers safely and defend your drivers and services with fast access to video evidence, live streaming, audio recording, and a driver alert button.

Reduce Collisions
& Claims Costs

A single device gives you complete coverage with crystal-clear road- and driver-facing views with insightful data to help resolve claims quickly.

Retain Safe

Automate the recognition and reward of safe driving behaviors and tailor your coaching sessions to focus on positive reinforcement and continued improvements.
Greg Hendricks
“Our drivers feel a lot more comfortable having that camera showing the aisle and who's approaching them, not because it helps them at the moment, but because they can come back to the video and see what occurred; it can help protect them. If a driver has an upset guest yelling at him, he'll press the record button to have that occurring and kept in the cloud.”
Greg Hendricks Vice President of Compliance & Operations at Salt Lake Express

A Complete Video Safety and Telematics Solution for the People Transit Industry

Track Passenger Transit in Real-Time

Make managing your transit fleet more efficient with AI-powered software that gives you better visibility of passenger transit. With Driver•i, fleet managers receive real-time feedback on safe driving habits and gain access to live video quickly.
Learn more about GPS Tracking

Improve Fleet Visibility

Driver•i captures one-hundred percent of drive time, meaning fleet managers have full insight into what challenges drivers face on the road. The safety cameras' proximity sensors alert drivers to risky driving behavior in and out of the cab.
Learn how to monitor your fleet 100% of drive time

Enhance Customer Service

Prioritize safety by having quick access to video evidence and GPS live tracking of vehicles for more accurate ETAs, safer driving, and improved overall efficiency.
Learn about the advantages of live GPS tracking

Protect Your Business & Fleet Vehicles

Exonerate drivers, coach risky driving behavior, and track vehicle location with the Driver•i fleet camera system to deliver quality service.
Learn about our Fleet Safety Cameras

Capture Critical Information

The Driver•i dash cam captures a 360° view around the vehicle allowing insight into arrival times and departures.
Learn about Video Event Access

Retain and Reward Drivers

GreenZone scores are calculated based on driving events like controlled stops, following distance, and traffic violations. Fleet managers see where a driver is improving and can reward safe driving behavior through these scores.
Learn about GreenZone® Driver Scoring

Commonly Asked Questions

What makes a good passenger transit camera system safe?

A reliable monitoring system has the following qualities:

  • Real-time safety alerts
  • HD video quality
  • Reward system
  • Coaching capabilities
  • High-quality tech support

The Driver•i system can assist drivers with their overall performance and keep fleet managers in the loop for better communication.

How can the Driver•i system help better manage risk during transportation?

The Driver•i system can make transportation safer by detecting road signs, monitoring speeding, and alerting to close following distance. The in-cab camera can also be an advocate for drivers in the event they face an accident claim.

How can Netradyne’s system improve overall visibility?

Through the Driver•i app, fleet managers can communicate remotely to drivers, monitor vehicle whereabouts, and stay updated on alerts. Drivers can also maintain visibility through the app and monitor their progress.

What types of passenger transit vehicles does Netradyne’s camera systems serve?

The Driver•i system is compatible with all types of vehicles servicing the people transit industries. The dash cameras can be installed anywhere around the vehicles and smoothly fit behind the review mirror.