Support for Your Driver•i Fleet Camera

Unlock the full potential of your Driver•i camera with our installation guides, device-specific documents, and other helpful resources.

Get the Most Out of Your Driver•i Fleet Camera with Our Support Resources

Download device-specific documents, installation guides, and more to maximize the performance of your dash cam.

Driver•i D-210
The Driver•i D-210 system is a dual-camera safety dash cam that provides real-time alerts and feedback on advanced driver assistance and Driver monitoring.
D-210 Features & Technical Specs D-210 Quick Install Guide D-210 Driver Card
Driver•i D-211
The Driver•i D-211 system is a single-camera safety dash cam that comes without any internal camera for complete privacy. This camera helps provides real-time alerts and feedback on advanced driver assistance and Driver monitoring.
D-211 Features & Technical Specs D-211 Quick Install Guide D-211 Driver Card
Driver•i D-215
The D-215 builds on the D-210 Driver•i system with and integrated connectivity module and improved installation experience.
D-215 Features & Technical Specs D-215 Quick Install Guide D-215 Driver Card
Driver•i D-410
The Driver•i D-410 is 4-camera driver safety devices that provides a 360 degree view through a road facing camera, a cabin facing camera and two side cameras. It comes with advanced driver assistance and Driver monitoring systems.
D-410 Features & Technical Specs D-410 Quick Install Guide D-410 Driver Card
Driver•i D-430
The Driver•i D-430 builds on the D410 and brings in enhancements like forward collision warning and advanced drowsiness detection.
D-430 Features & Technical Specs D-430 Quick Install Guide D-430 Driver Card

Simplify the Installation Process with the Driver•i Installer App

The installation app will guide you step-by-step and help you run device checks. Download the app through the Google Play Store (for Android) and the Apple App Store (for iOS).

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Set Up Your Driver•i Installer App Account

To use the app, you must have an account. This account is either granted by a Super Administrator or if you're an installation partner/work for a Netradyne installation partner. If you are having trouble logging in reach out to your your supervisor or the Netradyne tech team.
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Download Installation Instructions

The Driver•i installation instructions are available in a PDF format after signing in to the Installer App.
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Know What Accessories You Need

Get the required accessories to install the Driver•i device through our store.
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Commonly Asked Questions

How do I obtain valid credentials to log in to the app?

Safety Managers can use their existing Netradyne Portal’s login credentials to sign in to the app.

How do I make sure that installation report has uploaded and that Driver•i device has been associated successfully?

If the installation report upload has already started, please wait for the report upload confirmation message from App. If you did not have an active internet connection when uploading the report, the App will upload the report whenever it has access to the internet, provided it is not killed. You can also check the status of your installations in ‘Past Installations’ screen.

Is the Driver•i dash cam always on?

Netradyne’s dash cams automatically shut off when the engine is off. The inward facing cameras are equipped with a privacy mode and are only triggered to record when an event alert is set off.

Who do I contact if I'm having issues with the Installer App?

Netradyne’s tech and customer service team will be ready to assist you should any issues come up.

Are there any additional apps that are supported by the Driver•i device?

The Driver•i app is where fleet managers and drivers access their GreenZone Scores and assign virtual coaching sessions. This app helps fleet managers stay connected with their fleets and their drivers.