Driver•i Hub-X

Get the complete picture that captures 100% of drive time. Our 360-degree vehicle view can support up to four additional cameras, greatly reducing your fleet’s blind spots.

Driver•i Hub-X a leading 360-degree vehicle system for fleets

Increased Safety

Driver•i Hub-X is an accessory to the Driver•i dash cam, enabling fleets of any size to expand their visibility inside and outside any type of vehicle. Supporting up to 4 cameras and 1 in-cab monitor designed for the driver, Driver•i Hub-X drastically reduces your fleet’s blind spots, taking the effectiveness of your safety program to a whole new level.

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Anthony Meloy Training and Recruiting Manager at Trail Liner
“That's the beauty of the thing, you always want to look for something that's plug and play. With 1226 out there it's simple as that you might have to get a Y splitter and then go from there. But yeah, it's a simple plug-and-place system. That's what you wanna look for.”
Anthony Meloy Training and Recruiting Manager at Trailiner
Holly Amboyer HSE Coordinator at Barnhart Transportation
“The Driveri cameras have definitely saved us and our owner-operators many times from accidents, lawsuits, claims and deductibles. We had a recent one, and before the police report was done, we’d already been served papers by 2 of the 5 other vehicles involved. Luckily, we had the camera which showed clearly that we were not at fault.”
Holly Amboyer HSE Coordinator at Barnhart Transportation

360-Degree Visibility

Driver•i Hub-X can be installed anywhere an extra set of eyes is needed - from inside school buses for student safety supervision to inside trailers for cargo monitoring. The hub maintains the auxiliary cameras' high-quality HD videos, relaying them to the Driver•i AI dash cam through a Wi-Fi wireless connection.
360-degree vehicle system with 5 screens showing vehicle captures

Seamless Integration

Driver•i Hub-X is a turnkey solution that seamlessly integrates with Netradyne's AI dash cams. The captured videos can be easily accessed on Netradyne's IDMS portal.
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Analytics dashboard showing a full 360-degree dash cam capture of the vehicle

Commonly Asked Questions

How many dash cams does the Driver•i Hub-X support?

The Driver•i Hub-X supports an additional four cameras, two on the sides of your vehicle, one in the front, and one in the back. This gives you a 360-degree view outside the vehicle. In addition, the hub also supports an in-cab monitor so drivers have a clear view of the outside of their vehicle.

Is the Driver•i Hub-X compatible with all Netradyne dash cams?

The Hub is compatible with all Netradyne dash cams. You do not have to purchase a new Hub when you upgrade.