A fleet safety program is integral to maintaining optimum operations and protecting your drivers on the road. Accidents are likely to happen without consistent procedures and policies to guide your fleet drivers. The drivers’ lives and others who share the road are at risk. Other drivers may file claims that will cost more than you’ve budgeted for.

But with a solid fleet safety program, you can prevent accidents, boost driver performance, reduce overall expenses, and avoid false claims. A sound fleet safety program begins with management setting up the drivers for success. It starts with establishing a safety culture that your drivers will be motivated to embody. So how do you start a successful fleet safety program? Read on to find out.

What are the Key Components of a Successful Fleet Safety Program?

Before anything else, you’ll need to utilize fleet safety software. AI-powered safety technology is your driver’s partner in safe driving. A smart dash cam can sense when a driver is distracted, like when they look away from the road to check their phone. The smart dash cam will issue an in-cab audio alert so the driver can correct their behavior in the moment.

Your fleet safety software also gives fleet managers remote access to every vehicle’s location. You can review their routes based on real-time updates and see if they can avoid any accidents based on the weather or any sudden collisions. You and the driver work toward an efficient trip while assuring safety based on the road’s situation.

It’s also important for fleet managers to adopt positive coaching. Provide feedback that highlights their best behaviors so they know what to continue doing. Don’t forget to reward your best drivers for their high-rated performances. Use a scoring system like Netradyne’s GreenZone Score so drivers can see their strengths and how these add up to an accurate performance score.

Apply These Practices to Your Fleet Safety Program

Educate Your Drivers on the Importance of Safety

It’s important to reiterate and emphasize the importance of safety to your drivers. Be sure to highlight how important it is for drivers to keep themselves safe. This shows you value them not just as employees but also as people. After highlighting the importance of safety, show them what safe driving looks like. Talk about small but significant acts like avoiding distracted driving, keeping a safe distance from other cars, and following speeding rules. You can also base the examples on the driver’s specific performance and their usual habits, both good and bad.

Have a Fleet Safety Software That’s a Driver’s Advocate

Use fleet safety software that helps your drivers perform better. Netradyne’s dash cam enables in-cab audio alerts informing drivers of accidents and any potential collisions based on their current actions. Drivers are informed in real-time how they can change and correct their behavior.

The software should also include external dash cams. These gather footage that can exonerate your drivers in the event of any accidents. The videos will help prove your company was not in the wrong based on what’s captured.

It’s also important for the AI-powered dash cam to recognize safe driving. The driver’s positive behavior will be captured and added to their overall score. Distinguishing positive behavior increases the chances of drivers continuing these in every journey.

Recognize Safe Driving Practices 

Be sure to reward your drivers for their safe driving practices. Announce your best drivers based on their scores in company emails or newsletters. Reward them as well with cash vouchers, gift cards, or special bonuses. These will encourage other drivers to work harder and achieve better scores.

Have Organized Safe Driving Data

Managers will benefit from fleet management software that gives access to the dash cam videos and alerts. Instant retrieval enables you to share these remotely for coaching sessions. No need to see your drivers in person if any instances need to be discussed.

The software’s gathered data also serves as proof your safety program is working. Higher GreenZone scores, fewer in-cab alerts, and positive footage are your benchmarks for continuing the program.

Empower Drivers to Improve

Positive coaching lays the foundations for safer and better driving. Your drivers end up more open to feedback when they first hear what they’re doing right. Safety scores show where they need to improve and what they should continue.

The fleet safety system’s mobile app enables virtual coaching for drivers. They can review videos and their scores in real-time without having to wait for the next in-person session.

Final Thoughts

A fleet safety program is crucial to any trucking or vehicle business. Be sure to plan the procedures and policies around a safety culture, while also integrating technology that trains your drivers in real-time. See how Netradyne can help you with building a solid safety culture today.

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