The Importance of Having a Safe Driving Practice

Safe driving practices correlate with the quality of service your business provides. Skilled, safe drivers are better prepared when delays occur, know the importance of maintaining focus while driving, and take the right precautions while sharing the road with other drivers. This results in your drivers getting to their destination and back safely.

So, what safety practices help your company achieve these results?

Effective Communication

Regular communication with your drivers helps your services run smoothly and safely. For example, route changes due to traffic, accidents, or unsafe weather conditions need to be shared with the driver in real time. Fleet managers can quickly send updates about routes and deliveries to their drivers using fleet management software.

Asking for feedback from your drivers also helps you understand their safety concerns and how they wish to work on their safe driving behavior. Sit down and ask them what prevents them from driving safely. Is it the weather? Other drivers? This way, fleet managers and drivers can come together to create an effective safety plan.

AI-Powered Safety Technology

Technology is your driver’s partner in staying safe and focused on the road. Smart dash cams keep your drivers informed about potential compliance violations while driving. A reliable AI-powered dash cam system has the following qualities:

  • In-cab audio alerts for drivers – Inform drivers of potential collisions and preventable accidents with real-time audio alerts. This gives drivers time to correct their behavior and stay focused on the road.
  • Recorded video to exonerate drivers – Dash cams installed in and around your vehicle capture clear video footage that provides proof in case of litigation claims. The recorded video will show that your driver took the necessary precautions while driving and provide quality video of the accident.
  • A 360-degree view outside the vehicle for full visibility – Fleet safety technology offers a 360-degree view that covers corners and blind spots your driver can’t see from their seat. Giving them a complete view of their surroundings ensures the safety of the driver, the vehicle, and others sharing the road.
  • Inward-facing dash cams that help manage distracted driving – Your drivers are prone to human mistakes like distracted driving. In-cab audio alerts that catch these instances can remind them to avoid such behavior in the future.

Reward Safe Driving Behavior

Give drivers a reason to sustain their safe driving practices. Start with a fleet management system that rewards good driving behavior. Gaining positive feedback and being rewarded for doing well will motivate them to maintain and improve their safe driving skills. Netradyne’s GreenZone scoring system is based on positive behavior and captures the driver’s best behavior in real-time, which adds up to an accurate performance score. It’s available for the driver and fleet manager through the Driver•i app, so both can look back and see how one has been rewarded for their performance accordingly.

Apart from having a positive recognition system, reward your drivers for their high scores with incentives like gift cards, safety bonuses, and announcements in the company newsletter. This positive recognition from the company creates a positive work culture which helps with overall driver retention.

Monitor Vehicle Usage

Significant vehicle damage can lead to accidents. Monitor your vehicle’s wear and tear with a fleet management system that captures aggressive behaviors like speeding and hard braking. This data allows managers to make better-informed decisions for the vehicle’s care. By staying ahead of vehicle maintenance, you’re lessening the chance of a vehicle breaking down on the road and keeping your drivers safe.

Driver Coaching

Both in-person and remote coaching helps your drivers break their risky driving habits. A fleet management software that categorizes driver alerts like hard braking, speeding, and following distance helps managers personalize one on one coaching with their drivers. A fleet manager doesn’t have to comb through hours of video to discuss a specific behavior with a driver. The Netradyne Driver•i dashboard organizes and sorts dash cam video captured from 100 percent of the drive time. These coaching videos can also be sent to drivers through the mobile app allowing fleet managers to coach remotely. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, what matters most is that drivers get home safely. By incorporating these tips into your safety program, you are keeping not just others safe on the road and ensuring the best quality of service, but you keep your drivers safe and constantly string to improve.

Learn more about how to enhance your transportation business’ safety program with the right fleet safety software.

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