It’s natural for drivers to be hesitant or even against the use of in-cab dash cams. Their presence appears like an invasion of privacy. However, this is the biggest misconception behind in-cab dash cams. They are also not installed to catch a wrong move and put you out of a job. Many companies actually install dash cams to protect and help their driver succeed.  There are many advantages to the use of dash cams, such as keeping you safe and ensuring your top performance on the road. What else are the advantages of a dash cam?  

Recognition and Rewards

A driver facing camera keeps track of your performance in a very positive and rewarding way. With an objective data capture in place, the fleet manager can see your best practices such as safe habits, defensive driving, and focus on the road. You’re more likely to receive a bonus thanks to the objective data gathering of an in-cab dash cam. 

Positive recognition also enables your career growth. A report indicated that 92% of employees say they’re more likely to repeat actions that are recognized.  You grow as a truck driver and enjoy a career with your current employ when they recognize the good efforts that the dash cam records. 

Netradyne’s Driver-i app is the only safety camera that offers positive behavior recognition. Through system-automated weekly training sessions, a driver is coached while also tracking their capabilities in a web portal. The training sessions combine positive and negative feedback, using real-life examples so you are empowered to continue good behaviors and make the necessary changes to improve your performance. According to our internal study with over 2,000 drivers across 131 companies, the drivers’ performance increased by 15% thanks to the Driver-i App. 

Easy and Quick Exoneration

Being blamed for an accident comes as a job hazard. You and your fleet managers will have to deal with potentially fraudulent claims such as staged accidents, which have sadly spiked during the COVID pandemic. In-cab dash cams offer the objective and hard evidence to back up that you’re not at fault. Instant access to the dash cam footage allows your company to disprove any false claims and easily clear your name. 

Full Autonomy

You can access all Driveri training sessions through the app. To combine and create a balanced review of your performance, the app comes up with a GreenZone Driver Performance score that goes higher based on positive behavior.  The score incorporates all recorded safe driving acts. You also receive in-cab alerts for risky acts like distracted driving to ensure your safety. Based on the combined feedback and recordings, the system automated training builds your weekly review. You can proceed with self-coaching remotely via the app and study the footage independently.

Safe Driving Habits

How else do dash cam work? Think of the cab camera sa wingman rather than a watchdog. After spending long hours or continuous shifts behind the wheel, having an in-cab dash cam remind you of some risky habits protects you from accidents and helps keep your job. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reports that an event-based video system reduced fatal crashes by 20 percent and injuries by 35 percent. 

Driver-i is your partner in guaranteeing safety and an improved performance despite the hazards of truck driving. The in-cab alerts correct risky behavior such as speeding, distracted driving, and following too close. The constant, real-time reminders help build the habit of preventing these risks in the future. You end up making better decisions despite the limitations, so any previous behaviors are corrected and it becomes natural for you to avoid them.

Protect Your Driving Career

As time passes and you receive the regular feedback from dash cam apps like Driver-i, you become a safer driver. Habits that you weren’t aware of are brought to light and you start making consistent efforts to avoid them. Safety is emphasized inside and outside your vehicle, helping you make changes to positively impact your career. 

With dash cams protecting drivers and the vehicles around them, only non-safe drivers will be negatively impacted. Should you run into an accident with drivers who don’t listen to an app like Driver-i, then your dash cam technology offers the data to protect you and your career.

Improved Communication & Feedback

Driver-i goes beyond recording what’s behind the camera. It recognizes good and safe driving that increases your Green Performance score. The situation’s context is included in the data, which makes remote coaching possible for you to review the footage itself. Apart from the driver, there is also hard evidence in case of an accident if you’re not at fault. Everyone involved can understand what exactly happens.

Proof of Service

Accidents aren’t the only thing third parties contest. In case customers complain that a deliver wasn’t made but your efforts prove otherwise, the dash cams offer hard and clear footage that the job was done. Any issues in executing the order like full dock or no one to receive the load is also recorded. Proof of service is guaranteed for every delivery. 

Start enjoying a fruitful trucking career today with a driver facing camera. Think of the cab cam as your partner in safety and an investment in your long-term driving performance.


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