Best Fleets to Drive For 2024

The trucking industry’s online driver training company, CarriersEdge, has revealed the 2024 Best Fleets to Drive For. These North American for-hire trucking companies are acknowledged for offering their independent contractors and company drivers the greatest possible work environments.

For-hire carriers running ten tractor-trailers or more had to be nominated by an owner-operator or company driver to be eligible for the 2024 Best Fleets program. These nominated fleets were then evaluated across a range of categories, including:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • HR strategies
  • Operations
  • Professional development
  • Work/life balance

Lastly, to gauge the fleet’s level of satisfaction, each fleet gathered driver surveys. To determine the best performers, the survey and questionnaire responses were combined and graded.

The Best Fleets to Drive For designation is given to the fleets with the greatest cumulative scores. The Hall of Fame is open to fleets that have won the distinction for ten years running (or seven years running plus an overall winner award). 

At Netradyne, we believe in a world where technology implementation can help roadways be safer for all motor vehicles. We strive to be the most innovative driver-focused company that creates products that enhance the driver experience and keeps fleets safer. We are thrilled to recognize the 2024 Best Fleets to Drive For nominated fleets and celebrate fleets that prioritize safety.

Insights from Winners and How You Can Apply These to Your Fleet

The Best Fleets to Drive For competition has been in place for 16 years, during which time the industry has seen many highs and lows.

The Best Fleets to Drive For team identified some insights from the 117 nominees that are helpful for every fleet no matter the size. The freight recession was this year’s big talking point among the contenders. Although many fleets experienced hardship during the recession, not all of them did. While some businesses were fighting just to make ends meet, others were growing as well as keeping stable.

Among the top fleets submitted in 2024, leveraging communication emerged as a consistent theme among participants. When a down economy is tightening your budget and shrinking your margins, it doesn’t appear to be the best time to communicate with drivers. However, a number of Best Fleets recognized that they might improve their standing simply by engaging with their drivers more frequently (and you’ll notice that this doesn’t come at a huge expense). What then were they discussing?

    1. Straight talk
      That in itself can be profitable, even if the freight recession is the only topic of conversation. In order to help drivers better understand the decisions being made, many of the Best Fleets this year engaged in open discussions regarding the status of the economy and business.
    2. Straight listening
      Many of the finalists were also devoting more time to figuring out how to tell their drivers of critical information and incorporate their input into decisions. Many top fleets were using advisory boards, driver liaisons, or other means of communication through driver representatives at an increasing rate. And did it succeed? Based on the findings of the driver survey, The Best Fleets to Drive For team identified 85.4% of drivers concurred that their employer is interested in what they have to say about issues that directly impact them.

Below are some best practices on how you can not only create a strong nomination for the Best Fleets to Drive For nomination in 2025, but how you can navigate upcoming economic headwinds and retain top drivers, attract new and seasoned drivers, and raise the level of safety. 

  • Compensation and Benefits: 
    • Compensation: The driver compensation landscape is always changing in the industry. It’s slowly becoming commonplace to pay drivers according to their experience level; most fleets give a starting pay range that corresponds to the driver’s verified experience. Many successful fleets offer some form of guaranteed minimum or similar program to aid with pay consistency, demonstrating the continued rise of guaranteed pay.
    • PTO: A driver’s overall contentment with a company is significantly influenced by the quantity of paid time off they receive. Home time and paid time off are especially significant for drivers who want a more work/life balance.
  • HR Strategies:
    • Recruiting and Onboarding: The trucking sector has long been impacted by driver shortages and high turnover rates, and it’s unlikely that these challenges will be fixed very soon. For any fleet, attracting and keeping outstanding drivers should be a primary concern. Below are a few recruiting and onboarding strategies that are having a strong impact within the industry:
      • Tuition Reimbursement: A growing number of prosperous fleets are making tuition reimbursement investments to help defray the cost of obtaining a CDL.
      • Military and Minority Recruiting: Both retired military personnel and minority groups are underrepresented throughout the industry. 
      • Diversity Initiatives: Outside of meeting the minimum requirements set by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), many successful fleets are creating diversity initiatives to foster a more inclusive work environment for all employees. 
      • Mentorship Programs: As a new employee, what better way to get acclimated to the culture than having a seasoned veteran show you the ropes? Pairing seasoned drivers with new drivers can help ensure the driver’s transition goes smoothly. 
  • Operational Efficiency:
    • Asking for Driver Feedback: Before implementing new policies, procedures, or technologies,  many drivers prefer to be asked for their input. While drivers may not have the final say in the implementation, asking for feedback up front is a proactive way to get buy-in and boost driver satisfaction. 
  • Professional Development:
    • Career Path Guidance: For drivers, the concept of a professional path has grown in significance, and it has been shown to aid in retention. Although the business still prioritizes training new hires, it’s just as critical to continue developing drivers after their first year of work.Prioritizing professional development helps drivers understand their roles beyond current responsibilities. Top fleets talk to their drivers about long-term goals, learning how to use different equipment, opportunities to learn more skilled driving types like flatbed or heavy haul, or becoming a driver trainer and mentor.
  • Work/Life Balance: 
    • Mental Health and Wellness: Drivers face many challenges on the road that may impact their mental health. Developing initiatives to better support drivers and educate teams on mental health and its impact on the driver and road safety are key. Offering incentives and credits for counseling, support, and fitness can go a long way to keeping a driver safe on the road. 

Celebrating the 2024 Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For Finalists

  1. American Central Transport, – Kansas City, Missouri
  2. Brenny Specialized – Saint Joseph, Minnesota
  3. C.A.T. – Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec, Canada
  4. Challenger Motor Freight – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
  5. Chief Carriers – Grand Island, Nebraska
  6. *Continental Express – Sidney, Ohio
  7. Crawford Trucking – Des Moines, Iowa
  8. Decker Truck Line – Fort Dodge, Iowa
  9. Erb Transport – New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada
  10. Fortigo Freight Services – Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
  11. Fremont Contract Carriers – Fremont, Nebraska
  12. K & J Trucking – Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  13. Kriska Holdings Limited – Prescott, Ontario, Canada
  14. Leonard’s Express – Farmington, New York
  15. Nick Strimbu – Brookfield, Ohio
  16. *PGT Trucking – Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
  17. Thomas E. Keller Trucking – Defiance, Oho
  18. *TLD Logistics Services – Knoxville, Tennessee
  19. Transland – Strafford, Missouri
  20. Wellington Group of Companies – Aberfoyle, Ontario, Canada

2024 Hall of Fame Fleets

  1. Bison Transport – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  2. *Boyle Transportation – Billerica, Massachusetts
  3. Central Oregon Truck Company – Redmond, Oregon
  4. FTC Transportation – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  5. Garner Trucking – Findlay, Ohio
  6. *Grand Island Express – Grand Island, Nebraska
  7. *Halvor Lines – Superior, Wisconsin
  8. Nussbaum Transportation Services – Hudson, Illinois
  9. Prime – Springfield, Missouri
  10. TransPro Freight Systems – Milton, Ontario, Canada

2024 Fleets to Watch

  1. Ippolito Transportation – Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  2. Magnum Companies – Fargo, North Dakota
  3. Mill Creek Motor Freight – Ayr, Ontario, Canada
  4. *Peninsula Truck Lines – Federal Way, Washington
  5. Stokes Trucking – Tremonton, Utah

* Netradyne is proud to partner with the noted companies on their fleet management solutions. 


At Netradyne, we celebrate companies that are always looking to improve the driver experience. As a key part of our  mission, we look to provide products that enhance the driver experience and keep fleets safe. From all of us, congratulations to all of the 2024 Best Fleets to Drive For.

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