The complexity of managing and operating your fleet and in-cab technology has rapidly increased. Understanding and complying with regulations and mandates, along with the sheer number of solutions available, can be overwhelming. How do you piece together this technology puzzle?




Driver•i One fleet management solution

Understanding that you need to run your fleet as safely, easily, and efficiently as possible, we developed a powerful, seamless, single-pane-of-glass user experience that rivals the best all-in-one safety telematics solutions available today.

With Netradyne, you now have the opportunity to consolidate redundant hardware and software platforms to address your fleet’s primary needs, removing the need for multiple subscriptions and dashboards.

We leveraged Geotab’s application programming interface (API) and embedded key elements of the popular MyGeotab user interface (UI) in the Netradyne safety management platform to bring you one of the most powerful, unified solutions available: Driver•i One.

With Driver•i One, you can achieve best-in-class fleet safety, fleet management, and compliance with data delivered by the Driver•i video telematics device.

Bringing Key Fleet Technologies Together for You

With AI-powered video-based safety at the core, paired with tight integrations, you can leverage the powerful Driver•i data in combination with Geotab’s tried and tested compliance and fleet management products.

This fusion of Netradyne’s natively developed solutions with Geotab components delivers a complete solution to meet your needs with the convenience of one contract through one provider.

You can also see and do more with a single, unified view showing video context, driving behaviors, GPS tracking, hours of service reporting, maintenance, fuel management, and more.

With easy installation and simple maintenance, Driver•i One offers the fastest way to get crucial context about what’s really happening in and around your vehicles, enabling you to make better business decisions.

New Fleet Management and Compliance Features To Explore

You know us for our safety and coaching, and Driver•i One blends that effective, accurate, and fair driver safety program with key tools to streamline and improve the management of your fleet.

You can now confidently address challenges such as rising fuel costs, faster delivery times, maintenance issues, and driver retention concerns that impact safety and productivity to improve the profitability of your fleet.

Track and Manage Your Fleet – With real-time GPS tracking, you can improve fleet utilization and productivity.

  • Geofence Management – Create geofences and set rules, triggers, and notification preferences to know when vehicles are entering, exiting, inside, outside, or stopped with a geofence.
  • Routing – Set routes and use an Exception Rules Engine and reports to highlight variances and coach drivers.
  • Dispatch and Two-way Messaging – View live traffic and conditions and road closures, find drivers, and dispatch them directly via two-way messaging to send the right driver for the job.
  • Risk Management Analysis – See idling, speeding, unauthorized vehicle use, stops by duration, and more to improve efficiency and ensure compliance.
  • Trip History Review – See trips with the distance traveled, idling time, and stop duration for all trips within the past six months. When available, view engine faults, ELD violations, alerts, and videos.

Driver•i One compliance and fleet management

  • Improve Fuel Usage – Analyze the fuel efficiency of your fleet:
    • Uncover and coach driving behaviors that lead to poor fuel economy
    • Identify vehicle inefficiencies
    • Watch for theft
    • Reduce fuel consumption to reduce costs and environmental impact
  • Optimize Fleet Maintenance – Keep vehicles operating at peak efficiency:
    • Monitor Diagnostic Trouble Codes by viewing the Engine Faults Report
    • Automate Preventative Maintenance by setting maintenance intervals for your fleet using odometer and/or engine hours directly from the vehicle
    • Send notifications directly to drivers and users
    • Keep vehicles on the road and running smoothly
    • Prioritize repairs and reduce downtime
    • Reduce the risk of tire blowouts, brake failures, and engine issues
    • Reduce fuel use and overall costs to increase your bottom line

Ensure Compliance – streamline workflows to help keep in line with current rules and mandates. The Driver•i device is Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified, so there’s no need for separate Electronic Logging Device (ELD) hardware in the cab.

  • Take the hassle out of complying with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requirements
  • Make it easy for drivers to manage HOS, DVIRs, driver assignment, and messaging
  • Avoid violations, fines, and vehicle downtime with a real-time snapshot of compliance
  • Reduce paperwork, increase accuracy, and save time with automated processes

Right for You – Today and Tomorrow

Equipped with over 10 billion analyzed driving miles and exponentially growing, Netradyne offers the expertise and scale needed to support fleets of all sizes.

With Driver•i One, you’ll have access to leading fleet technology that fits your unique needs now and as you evolve and grow.

Ready to do more with data and video with Driver•i One?

See how Driver•i One can save you time and money while keeping your critical fleet management tools together. Request a demo today.

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