Driver•i Fleet Camera System for Construction Vehicles

The Driver•i fleet camera system is designed for construction equipment to improve efficiency with driver safety, GPS tracking, and theft prevention in one platform.

The Driver•i Experience

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Site Security and Performance

Track what happens in and around construction equipment and vehicles, track commercial vehicle locations with GPS, and get real-time visibility on how operators are performing.
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Live GPS Tracking and Vehicle Locator

Locate equipment with the vehicle locator feature, monitor the engine status and who was operating the vehicle at the time.
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Risk Management and Mitigation

Stay ahead of safety threats with easy access to videos and operator performance.
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Budget Management

Save money on insurance costs with video proof against false claims and track progress in an organized platform to stay on budget.
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Avoid Compensation Fraud

Driver•i provides video proof of one-hundred percent of operation time in the event a claim is called into question.
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Give Positive Recognition

The data collected from the videos can be used for more than on-site tracking. Acknowledge the improvements your operators make and reward them for their accomplishments.

Increase On-Site Efficiency

Be able to multitask through the dashboard and access 100 hours of video data.

Live In-Cab Alerts

Drivers receive alerts to road signs, speed limits, and outside interferences. This gives the driver the power to make changes in real-time for safer on-site navigation.
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Easy, Accessible Data

Through the Driver•i fleet management dashboard, you can access real-time video alerts so you can communicate with your drivers quickly.
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Remote Coaching

With the Driver•i app, you don’t have to pull drivers into your office. Communicate and share information with your drivers remotely to save time.
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Detailed Insight into Operator Risk

See what your drivers see - know what your drivers are being alerted to and how they are making corrections.
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The GreenZone Score

The GreenZone score rewards drivers for improved behavior and gives recognition for proactive safe driving. The motivation from these scores creates a positive safety culture.
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The GreenZone Score
“The Netradyne GreenZone™ driver score is a fundamental tool for our driver safety and recognition program. It provides complete visibility into positive driving, individual coaching, and risk notifications that keep us focused on the most important part of our fleet, our drivers.”
Jon Flynn Chief Operating Officer at Vascor Transport
“Technology changes so fast, and we wanted to be two steps ahead in that regard. The peripheral cameras and the depth of vision were impressive. And the real-time data was key: both the immediate access to video and the driver scoring.”
Amanda Gallegos Director of Risk Management at Stewart Transport

Make On-Site Management Easier

Easily communicate with your team and identify areas for improvement. Coach operators more effectively by recognizing safe operating behavior through GreenZone scores and live alerts.

Keep Your Site Safe and Efficient

Assure you and your team are constantly in the loop about on-site hazards with the Driver•i app. Having fast and easy access to data improves safe operating behavior and keeps your site secure.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do you effectively manage a construction site with Driver•i?

Through the Driver•i app and dashboard, see how your operators are improving and where they need coaching. Offer incentives for increased GreenZone scores to create healthy competition between operators and offer recognition for safe operating behavior.

What is an effective risk mitigation software?

An effective risk mitigation software helps fleet and safety managers reduce potential safety hazards and be better prepared when an incident occurs. This software can provide helpful services like recorded and live videos, collect data on safety risks and recognize improved safe operating, and allow easy communication between manager and operator.

How can I use the D-430 to improve safety?

With the D-430’s four-camera setup, you can have a 360° view of what goes on around your vehicles. You can capture recorded and live videos to help fight false claims, capture security footage, and monitor safe operating behavior.

How do you maintain compliance with GreenZone scores?

GreenZone scores give drivers autonomy over how they improve and maintain safe operating behavior. Operators can see how their scores are affected and make the adjustments independently. Giving operators control over how they improve creates a more constructive work culture and saves time on coaching for fleet managers.