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Get full visibility into fleet and driver safety, tracking, and compliance. Track vehicle usage, maintenance, repairs, recalls, emissions and more. Try Driver•i truck dashcam system and protect your commercial fleet today!

Benefits of Driver•i Dash Cam for Trucking

Driver•i dashcam system for commercial trucks is designed to provide truck drivers and fleet managers with real-time information about their surroundings while driving.

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Gain Access to Video Evidence

Easily access and review critical video footage to protect and exonerate your drivers.
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Prevent Theft

Capture video when motion is detected to identify thieves and hit and runs.
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Lower Collision Costs

Decrease the frequency and severity of accidents with in-cab alerts and automated driver coaching.
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Effective Driver Coaching

Positively train and coach commercial drivers to keep them safe while continuously improving driving behavior.
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Reduce Fleet Risk

Prevent accidents with real-time in-cab alerts in HD video quality. Drivers can easily make behavior corrections and managers can coach remotely with the Driver•i app.

Record Engine-off Events

Avoid damages and other incidents even after the engine is turned off.
“Just one incident for which we were exonerated paid for all the Netradyne cameras. Exonerations go a long way. The cameras actually become a retention tool.”
Amanda Gallegos Director of Risk Management at Stewart Transport
“The Artificial Intelligence was what attracted us. Its ability to detect the speed limit signs was a big deal for us. We used to have no way to verify the speed limits, especially in construction zones and crosswalks. Now we know real-time what the posted speed limit is.”
Holly Amboyer HSE Coordinator at Barnhart Transportation

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Live Vehicle GPS Tracking

Get real-time vehicle visibility with seamlessly integrated GPS tracking and video to ensure on-time deliveries.
Live Vehicle GPS Tracking

In-cab Alerts

Instant in-cab alerts signal drivers to correct unsafe driving behavior like distracted driving or speeding. Drivers are given the opportunity to fix risky behaviors to maintain fleet safety.
Learn about Driver Self Coaching
In Cab Alerts

Exoneration Footage

With the highest quality HD video footage, see one hundred percent of drive time. Defend your fleet with the most accurate video evidence and avoid high settlements.
Learn more about Video Access

Decrease Accident Frequency

Provide actionable feedback about risky driving behavior to train and maintain safer drivers with video evidence and actionable analytics.
Learn about Managed Driver Coaching

Improve Customer Experience

Ensure accurate delivery windows, avoid delivery delays, and boost customer satisfaction with live GPS tracking and accurate ETAs.
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Commonly Asked Questions

How can Netradyne’s Driver•i system help with budgeting?

Netradyne’s truck dashcam systems provide fleet managers and drivers with video evidence to help exonerate drivers in the event of an accident and fight false insurance claims.

How can an over-the-road (OTR) truck driver best use the Driver•i system?

An OTR driver can utilize the real-time alerts from the dashcam, keeping them informed about road signs, following distance, and other vehicles on the road. The Driver•i app also allows quick access to the driver’s Greenzone score so they can monitor how their safety performance is improving.

Can dash cam safety systems help with driver retention?

The Driver•i app helps fleet managers establish a recognition and rewards system for their drivers. Offering incentives and praising high GreenZone scores can create a better work culture and encourage drivers to excel in their field.

What’re the uses of dashcam footage off the road?

Fleet managers have quick and easy access to truck dashcam footage through the dashboard. Managers can use these videos to train new drivers to better prepare them for when they hit the road.

Is Netradyne’s D430 a wireless camera?

The D430 truck dashcam system is connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Driver•i Hub is connected through exterior cables that can be installed by Netradyne’s tech support team.