Creating a strong safety culture in the fleet industry is an integral part of an effective risk management strategy. It can increase driver retention, increase business efficiency and cost savings, as well as improved morale among employees.

But how do you ensure that your driver retention program supports a strong fleet safety culture?

Here are some tips and best practices on using a fleet safety system to attract, retain, and empower drivers.

Understanding the Importance of Driver Appreciation

Although the current turnover rate is at 90 percent in most transportation segments, you can break the cycle. By incorporating simple features that focus on keeping your drivers motivated, focused and recognized — while using technology to keep them safe.

Motivation can be accomplished through rewards and other incentives, especially to those with an outstanding driving record after successful completion of numerous routes.

Rating systems can be put in place to reward high-performing drivers and find out about the difficulties that lower-performing drivers face. This creates a focal point in any communication between drivers and management.

Continuous communication is necessary for any organization to thrive, and it is no different when it comes to drivers. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How easily can your drivers voice complaints relating to their performance and safety?
  • Is it normal at your company to subconsciously shut drivers down when they voice these complaints?
  • Are there systems in place to swiftly address these complaints, or do drivers have to follow up several times before anything is done?

These are important factors when creating a working environment in which drivers can safely carry out their jobs. Your company should make an official policy to provide a direct channel of communication — this will encourage open dialogue and driver improvement.

How Data-Driven Safety Management Can Help Retention

In order to boost driver retention, a dependable performance analytics system is crucial. Though obtaining driver buy-in for these systems can be challenging, there are effective solutions to streamline the process.

One of the main issues drivers have with dash cams is mistakenly flagging them for unsafe driving, which can negatively impact their income and eligibility for safety incentives.

Through the use of a driver focused mobile app, drivers are able to accurately track their own driving performance. The Driver•i app uses data from the GreenZone Score to give drivers a real-time picture of their positive and risky behavior. With this information, drivers can make informed decisions about their own safety and make any necessary adjustments to their driving habits.

Driver•i mobile app

Driver•i mobile app

The app also incorporates virtual coaching, which allows drivers to take control of their own safety performance. This means that drivers can be proactive in improving their driving skills and avoiding dangerous driving behavior. By doing so, they avoid being flagged by the cameras and maintain their eligibility for safety incentive programs.

“We started with a target fleet score of 850 [out of 1000]. Now we’re way above that. We meet with everyone below the target and work with them to improve. During our talks we recommend that drivers use the mobile app — it’s so much easier if they’re getting the info real-time. Once they see the data, they know what they need to do.”

CEO Rod Cooper, Classic Transportation

The positive driving performance data captured with the mobile app allows you to retain your drivers through recognition and rewards. Drivers who consistently demonstrate safe and responsible driving behavior can earn monetary rewards and recognition from their employers. And, more importantly, drivers who are recognized for their hard work tend to stay with the company.

Finding the Right Fleet Safety System: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Our goal is simple, to make good drivers great. More importantly, our goal is to keep drivers and by extension, other road users, safe.

Choosing the right technology for your fleet can help with more than just collecting and analyzing data. In fact, incorporating advanced video technology and artificial intelligence into your fleet operations can have a direct impact on your ability to retain drivers.

It is essential for the following reasons:

Full Visibility

Having a fleet dash cam that provides visibility helps driver retention in multiple ways. It provides drivers with a sense of security as they know that their actions are captured and reviewed in case of any disputes or incidents. This reduces the likelihood of false accusations and helps drivers feel more protected on the road.

Also, fleet dash cams provide managers with valuable insights into driver behavior. This information is used to identify areas where drivers may need additional training or support, which ultimately leads to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Better Communication

Your drivers must feel protected and valued as an employee. By providing a platform for voicing concerns, and showing that you care about how your drivers improve on the job, you are showing them that the work they do is important. You are also showing how important their safety is to you. This motivates them to keep working for your organization.

Get the Full Picture

Driver•i dash cam alert When technology shows the full picture of each driver from start to finish, it can serve as a mediator during a conflict.

Accusing a driver of being at fault, especially when they can’t prove their innocence, is a huge morale killer. You avoid this by checking your safety system’s artificial intelligence-backed database to see where errors occurred. This way, allegations are substantiated with proof and drivers are treated fairly during the exoneration process.

While being able to provide context when something goes wrong is valuable, being able to capture safe driving is better. Driver•i uses the GreenZone Score — a rolling score built on both positive and risky driving behaviors during a driver’s entire journey.

This score shows how a driver actively makes safe driving decisions like when they maintain the speed limit or come to a controlled stop at a traffic light.

driver retention

Driver•i’s GreenZone Score

Final Thoughts

Fleets looking to increase driver retention recognize the importance of building an effective plan for creating a positive and safe work environment.

Take the next step in creating a safer work environment with Driver•i’s AI fleet camera system today. With advanced features designed specifically for fleets, this system is an integral part of a successful safety strategy.

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