The Netradyne Driver•i app is an innovative driver safety system that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology to boost fleet safety and driver performance.

This innovation offers numerous advantages to both drivers and fleets.

What Are the Benefits for Fleet Managers?

As a fleet manager, you know that keeping your drivers safe and controlling costs are crucial for your business’s success. That’s why you need tools that can help you track your drivers’ behavior and encourage safe driving practices.

Enter the Driver•i app – an innovative solution that can help you achieve these goals and more. By using advanced technology and analytics, this app gives you the power to improve fleet safety culture and streamline fleet operations. Let’s explore some of the ways that the Driver•i app can benefit fleet managers:

  • Virtual & Remote Coaching

    Virtual coaching highlights the most impactful risky and positive driving behaviors to ensure your drivers get home safely.  In addition, remote coaching allows fleet managers to share direct feedback with drivers based on their driving habits without having to constantly pull them into their office.

    dashboard of driver statistics and video capture inside bulldozer cab

    Driver•i’s dashboard of driver statistics and video

  • Full Fleet Visibility

    Fleet managers are able to review causality of driving risks understand context surrounding driver performance, and quickly request additional footage if needed on one organized platform.

  • Improve Safe Driving Performance

    The Driver•i app is where fleet managers can access their drivers’ GreenZone Score, the only rolling safe driving performance score built on both encouraging positive and risky driving behavior. A recent study of more than 2,000 drivers showed that those using the app had scores 51 points higher than those not using it – that’s an 81 percent improvement in performance.

    The GreenZone Score

    The GreenZone Score

The Driver•i app offers comprehensive insights into your fleet operations, from exonerating drivers to providing training resources for new hires.

App access to dash cam footage also allows you to monitor driver safety and grade performance with an objective score – perfect for keeping fleets safe over the long-term.

What Are the Benefits for Drivers?

As more and more drivers are turning to technology for safer and more efficient driving, the Driver•i app is quickly becoming a popular choice. Not only does it offer real-time feedback on driving habits, but it also improves safety for drivers.

We will explore the benefits of the Driver•i app for drivers in more detail:

  • Visibility into Performance

    Drivers can now take control of their performance with tools like GreenZone Score, top alerts and DriverStars. With complete transparency into how they’re driving, drivers have the power to enhance their skills independently.

  • Positive Recognition

    Keeping drivers motivated and engaged is an important part of the transportation industry. Netradyne’s app rewards their positive behaviors with a clear report that outlines not only progress, but also current successes – empowering them to continue making those great choices in order to stay ahead!

A smiling mustached man looking out the window of a semi. A driver score is imposed on top

Driver GreenZone Score

The Driver•i app provides insights on driving behavior, enabling them to make immediate adjustments and improve their performance.

Additionally, the app offers training materials and resources, such as safety guidelines, driver manuals, and videos, which can help them develop their skills and knowledge. This can empower drivers into safety champions of their fleet.

Final Thoughts

Netradyne’s Driver•i app provides a range of advantages for fleet drivers and their supervisors, ranging from greater safety to enhanced communication. This innovative technology helps ensure compliance with relevant regulations while improving efficiency and driver retention.

Learn more about how you can get the most out of the Driver•i app and enhance how you run your fleet.

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