What if you could prevent accidents to your fleet before they even happen?

That’s the dream for every manager who has the safety of their fleet on their minds 24/7, 365 days a year. While you can’t stop every single accident from happening, the technology exists today to significantly reduce them.

The key is in investing in the right solution that makes use of the most advanced fleet safety technologies.

Modern fleet management systems like Netradyne, leverage the power of edge computing to ensure your drivers and trucks remain safe while on the road. Its smart dash cam system Driveri® combines HD video and artificial intelligence to analyze road patterns as well as driver performances in real-time to avoid collisions and protect drivers.

With technology like this, your team will have the advanced capabilities they need to promote safe driving and significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

Read on to learn five ways you can improve your fleet safety program by adopting Netradyne’s dash cam system.

Decreases Distracted Driving

Truck drivers spend most of their time alone on the road, so distractions are bound to happen.

With the increase in mobile use, the risk that your drivers are engaged in distracted driving is even higher today. In a recent survey, 81% of drivers said they are concerned about the increase in distractions, with the top two culprits being social media (71%) and video chatting (68%).

Fighting these distractions is not easy. But with a smart dash cam system like Netradyne’s Driveri you can identify and correct distracted driving behavior in real-time, to improve your fleet’s safety.

Driveri’s in-cab audio alerts instantly address distractions and decrease distracted driving without any involvement of fleet management. The smart dash cam device delivers an audio reminder – a beep or spoken words – directly to the driver if any distracted behavior is detected. For example, if a driver’s eye is off the road for more than a few seconds because they’re looking for something in the cab or using their phone, the alert will sound.

It’s the closest alternative to putting a fleet manager in the front seat of your trucks.That’s why fleets who adopted the Driveri technology, saw a 76% improvement in cell phone compliance among their drivers.

Simplifies Driver Coaching

It’s difficult to coach your staff without a closer look into how they are performing behind the wheel.

Netradyne’s forward, side, and interior HD cameras give you full visibility into what’s happening on the road, while the AI algorithm system captures, analyzes and reports driving infractions directly back to your fleet managers. This enables you to coach drivers on proper driving habits through multiple automated and manual channels.

Virtual coaching is one of Driveri’s automated channels that helps improve driving habits. By analyzing severe alerts generated during the previous week, the AI algorithm gives your staff a small subset of behaviors to review and focus on. This analysis not only helps in improving safety on the road, but it also decreases the time managers spend reviewing videos by up to 50%.

Apart from automated channels, the Netradyne Driveri App allows managers to do remote coaching as well. By sharing pointers, alerts or DriverStars from the Netradyne portal, managers can guide drivers on the road and recognize them for a job well done, without the need for a one-on-one session.

For a more in-depth coaching, managers can use the Netradyne portal to prepare and document face-to-face coaching sessions with drivers. This helps provide a more personal touch either to recognize a great performance or eliminate a specific behavior.

Promotes Positive Driving

When drivers constantly receive negative feedback, they feel less and less motivated, which can lead to even worse driving performances.

That’s why highlighting positive behaviors is as important as correcting risky ones. In fact, studies repeatedly show that positive reinforcement leads to less absenteeism, accidents, errors and greater productivity. For fleets, this means less road accidents and safer driving.

Unlike other telematics systems, Netradyne’s smart dash cam system is designed to reinforce positive driving. Driveri’s AI automatically captures positive behavior – like creating space for merging vehicles – and displays it through GreenZone®, the first driver score built on positive driving.

With GreenZone, the task of recognizing and promoting positive driving is easy and automated. By rewarding your drivers for a job well done you make your drivers will feel more appreciated, improving your driver retention.

Lowers Insurance Costs

Rising insurance rates are a problem for everyone in the fleet industry.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute’s (ATRI) recent report, fleet insurance rates increase around 10% annually for low to medium risk carriers, and from 2010 to 2018 the size of verdict awards grew 51.7%.

So how do you mitigate rising insurance costs and solve this problem? By adopting the right fleet technology.

Smart dash cam system like Driveri capture the entire driving day, providing insurance providers with the data they need. “The ability of the Netradyne platform to capture many of the events we find most informative from a risk analytics perspective at a high-level of detail allows our data science work to deliver unique insights and critical information,” says Craig Lozofsky, COO at Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Services USA

Giving insurance providers high-quality actionable can drastically reduce your fleet’s insurance claims, incidents and risk altogether, lowering your yearly insurance costs.

Reduces the Risk of Accidents

Approximately 20% of your fleet will be involved in an accident this year alone according to the annual commercial fleet accident rate.

Accidents are a nightmare for any fleet manager. Other than endangering the lives of your drivers, each accident causes on average $70,000 in losses. Preventing acts such as distracted driving, speeding, and rolling stops will reduce the risk of accidents and increases your fleet’s safety.

We’ve already seen how Netradyne’s technology can help prevent these acts.

Driveri’s in-cab audio alerts decrease distracted driving with real-time feedback. Additionally, automated and manual coaching channels allow your managers to offer drivers the coaching they need, while the GreenZone scoring system reinforces positive driving behaviors.

That’s how adopting a smart dash cam system like Driveri can promote safer driving, protect your drivers and save you thousands in losses every year.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging the right technology can radically improve your fleet safety. AI-enabled dash cam technology like Netradyne enables your fleet with the latest capabilities to promote safer driving. Thanks to edge computing it has the processing speeds that make it easy to collect and analyze driving and road patterns while they’re happening. Through in-cab audio alerts and automated coaching you can train and reward drivers in real-time to effectively fight distractions and reinforce positive driving.

In this article, we’ve seen five ways Netradyne can help keep your drivers safe. But these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits the Driveri dash cam system can offer your fleet safety program. Curious to learn more? Chat with us today.

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