Fleet management is a crucial part of any business. Companies need a reliable fleet safety solution from construction to deliveries to protect their property, profit, and, most importantly, their people.

Although fleet management involves various tasks to keep operations running smoothly, the goal ultimately circles back to safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that motor vehicle crashes cost $871 billion annually. Without a fleet management solution, that number could blow up significantly and affect a company’s bottom line. 

What is a Fleet Safety Solution?

Safety is always a significant concern in fleet management. Whether running a small business or a corporation, it is essential to have the right tools for managing your fleet. With a fleet management system, you can ensure that vehicles are running smoothly at all times and that drivers are motivated to drive safely. 

A solution like Netradyne’s fleet safety software uses AI technology to help drivers become more aware of the road and provides managers visibility into fleet activities. Combined with Driveri®, an intelligent camera system, Netradyne analyzes high-risk driving behaviors in real-time. In addition, the software issues in-cab audio alerts during harsh and distracted driving to help drivers get back on track.  

Key Fleet Safety Software Features 

Fleet management software can capture crucial information about your fleet’s safety and drivers. However, not all of them are created equally. Below are some things to consider while you’re researching a fleet safety solution for your company.

Driver Safety 

Keeping drivers and other motorists safe on the road is the top priority for many fleet managers. Although accidents are sometimes inevitable, a fleet management tool can help identify risks to prevent collisions and other mishaps. The Driveri® AI fleet dash camera system uses face recognition technology to detect distracted driving behaviors. The system issues an audio alert to notify drivers of unsafe driving behavior, allowing them to be mindful of their driving and ultimately prevent accidents. Driveri® also captures road footage and provides a piece of solid evidence in cases of events where drivers are likely to be accountable for mishaps. 

Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance  

Knowing different regulations is critical to staying compliant. One of the things that managers need to be on top of is HOS. This regulation puts a limit on the number of continuous driving hours so that drivers can observe mandatory breaks in between jobs. Drivers who don’t get enough rest often suffer drowsiness, which can cause accidents. With a fleet management system, you are up-to-date on your drivers’ hours, helping you stay compliant with HOS regulations. Fleet management software records and transmits data about fleet activities, allowing managers to see how long the engine is running and who’s behind the wheel.

Although there are other important factors to consider when choosing a fleet safety solution, the ones mentioned above are critical to the safety of the driver and the vehicle. 

Easy to Use 

A reliable fleet management software will be organized and easy to use. For example, Netradyne’s Driveri® system has a mobile app that informs driver and fleet managers on performance through a GreenZone score. Having access to the GreenZone score lets drivers see where they’re improving and shows fleet managers what areas their drivers need coaching. It’s direct and easy to access so fleet managers don’t have to spend hours combing through captured dash cam video. In addition to the mobile app, fleet managers have access to the dashboard, where videos are categorized by alert type. These videos can be used to exonerate drivers, coach drivers remotely, and train new hires. 

Driver Recognition 

A safety system that recognizes negative and positive driving can improve your company’s work culture. Positive recognition lets drivers know you appreciate their efforts toward driving safer. With Netradyne’s positive recognition features like Driverstars and GreenZone, fleet managers can easily see how drivers take the necessary precautions while driving. This data can be used to form incentive programs that encourage your drivers to strive for the highest safety score. 

How Can You Ensure Your Fleet Safety Solution Is Effective?

Fleet safety software is only a tool to help you make decisions for your fleet. To ensure that it’s in line with your company’s goals, you need to get feedback from drivers with first-hand experience with the product. How does it be their advocate on the road? Do your drivers need more visibility around their vehicles? By getting honest feedback from your drivers, you can gain insights into what needs to be improved within the company.

In addition to being open to driver feedback, be transparent with your drivers. Show your drivers what the dash cams capture and how the data will be used to their benefit. Once drivers understand that the system recognizes their safe driving behaviors, they will be motivated to strive in their field.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a fleet safety solution, knowing which features are most important for your business is essential. Not all fleet management systems are created the same, so dig deep into what your fleet needs before committing to a service. Learn more about the right fleet safety solution for your business. 


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