Problems like fleet tracking, risky driving behavior, and communication with drivers can poorly effect fleet optimization. Fleet managers need reliable technology so they can maximize the overall operations of their teams. Utilizing fleet management software can help fleet managers run their business more efficiently and continue to improve.

In this blog, we go over how improving safety with reliable fleet safety software connects to better fleet optimization.

About the Driver•i System

At its core, Netradyne’s Driver•i system is designed primarily for fleet safety. Inward and outward-facing cameras give both the driver and fleet manager full visibility into accidents, route operations, and driver performance. Since Driver•i is powered by AI technology, large amounts of data on driver behavior and road safety are processed in real-time. Advanced capabilities like detecting negative and positive driving behavior ensure that your drivers not only have clear insight into their driver performance but also are recognized for improving their safety skills.

The Driver•i system offers long-term safety solutions that will help you keep your drivers safe without having to sacrifice efficiency.

Optimizing Fleet Operations with Driver•i

Fleet Tracking

As a fleet manager, you need to know where your vehicles are, who’s operating them, and get notified if anything changes. The Driver•i system offers fleet tracking so you can stay in the loop throughout the work day. Fleet managers are able to establish a perimeter around job sites and are immediately notified when a vehicle travels outside the set boundaries. In addition to job site visibility, fleet managers can also see which vehicles are actively on a route.

Having complete visibility of your fleet and operators is only the beginning of using Driver•i to improve efficiency within your fleet.

Positive Coaching

It’s no secret that safe drivers mean smoother operations for your overall fleet. Where does long-term safety start? With a fleet management system that helps set a positive tone for coaching drivers. The Driver•i system captures positive driving in addition to risky driving, which is reflected in the GreenZone Score. This score gives a visual to both drivers and their fleet managers on how they’re improving and where they need to make adjustments. Fleet managers can also pull categorized driver videos from the dashboard to send to drivers as coachable opportunities. Having a driver score, easy access to reliable dash cam video, and getting the full picture of driver performance allows fleet managers to have a more balanced conversation when coaching drivers.

Exonerate Your Drivers

The Driver•i system supports an inward and outward-facing dash cam in addition to four cameras that can be placed around your vehicles. This gives drivers and fleet managers a 360-degree view outside the vehicle to capture accidents and have visibility of road operations. When an insurance claim is made, you have clear, easy-to-access dash cam video to use as proof to exonerate your drivers. The Driver•i dash cam video shows what alerts were triggered, and what your driver did to correct these alerts, and also shows how your driver took the necessary actions to keep themselves and others on the road safe.

If your driver is at fault, the proof of dash cam video can help mitigate the verdict. In the long run, your company can save on insurance claims and have a strong foundation in fleetwide safety.

Enhanced Vehicle and Driver Safety

Through machine learning and edge computing, the Driver•i system can process large amounts of data and quickly analyze it to give you the full picture of vehicle and driver safety. The Netradyne dash cams can detect hard braking, speeding, and distracted driving, so you, as the fleet manager, have more information when trying to pinpoint why a coachable event occurred and how to fix it. For example, if a driver suddenly hit the brakes at an intersection a fleet manager can go back and watch the video. The fleet manager can see that another car sped through the intersection without stopping, and the fleet driver was paying attention and made the correct decision to stop. Without that context, the fleet manager would be led to believe the fleet driver was not paying attention and didn’t see the car coming.

Improving safety with a reliable fleet safety solution will help your fleet run more smoothly and keep you informed on how to improve driver performance.

Final Thoughts

By improving fleet safety within your company, you are improving how your business operates. Fleet safety software helps fleet managers stay in the loop to better manage fleets of any size, gives better context to driver behavior resulting in safer drivers, and can save you from insurance claims blows to your budget. The Netradyne Driver•i system helps optimize your fleet without compromising safety.

Learn more about how you can take fleet optimization to the next level with fleet management technology.

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