From cash bonuses and company merch to basic recognition, here’s how fleets can incentivize and empower drivers to operate safer and more efficiently with Netradyne’s GreenZone scoring system.

Access to GreenZone Scores from Netradyne’s Driveri system opens a world of possibilities for fleets to implement incentives and awards, recognition programs, fleet-wide competitions, and new coaching tactics, all with the goal of nudging drivers to operate their equipment as safely as possible and consistently so.

We explored the GreenZone scoring system in-depth in a blog post last week, where you can learn how scores are calculated, the psychology and science behind them, and the benefits fleets can reap by putting Netradyne’s Driveri system and GreenZone Scores to work for their drivers. In short, GreenZone Scores®, calculated for each driver, are a real-time score between 1 and 1,000, in which drivers earn points for safe driving habits and consistent positive behaviors. Events like speeding, following too closely, or a hard-braking event will cause drivers’ scores to dip. A score above 850 is considered in the GreenZone and is the target threshold.

Scores are available to fleet managers within a cloud-based portal, and drivers can access their scores within the GreenZone app on their mobile phone or tablet. Having access to GreenZone scores puts drivers in control of their numbers and empowers them to maintain a score that ranks in the GreenZone® level.

Netradyne’s platform has positive recognition built in, alerting drivers for good scores, good habits, and when they earn so-called Driver Stars and Driver Star Streaks.

However, fleets can also use the scores to further integrate positive feedback into their safety program. Here’s a look at how fleets can — and already are — utilizing Netradyne’s GreenZone for incentives and gamification:

Pay bonuses, merchandise credits, and fleetwide contests

Rewarding drivers with cold hard cash or other financial incentives is one of the most obvious and popular ways fleets are utilizing the capabilities of the GreenZone scoring to engage their drivers in a culture of safety.

Fleets take different approaches to structuring these incentive programs, with some offering bonuses on an individualized basis based on score improvements or score thresholds, while others structure contests based around drivers’ scores.

A 150-truck fleet out of Ohio, for example, instituted the 950 Club at its fleet, recognizing drivers whose GreenZone scores consecutively average above the 950 mark. For those in the club, the company pays out regular bonuses on drivers’ paychecks, and they get entered into a raffle for a quarterly bonus of a few thousand dollars.

Shah Trucking, a family-owned 10-truck fleet out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, places drivers who score 850 or better each week into a monthly drawing for $250 cash prizes. Fuchs Trucking, an 85-truck fleet out of Wisconsin, likewise doles out bonuses of hundreds of dollars a month to drivers who surpass certain score thresholds. As last week’s post makes clear — these incentives work. All three aforementioned carriers saw compliance with stop signs, speed limits, and following distance jump dramatically when they implemented Netradyne’s Driveri and the GreenZone system.

Among those going big with GreenZone-based payouts is another Ohio-based fleet, the 50-truck Getgo Transportation, who holds an annual contest in which the driver with the highest GreenZone score at the end of the year receives a cash bonus of $25,000.

“While many fleets don’t pay out bonuses that large, any opportunity that puts money into drivers’ pockets for driving safely and mitigating risks is a win-win for the driver and for the fleet,” said Ryan Knight, Netradyne’s director of sales. “It’s significant to them, and it’s what makes our scoring system a differentiator in the market.”

Lastly, among incentives, several fleets use free company merchandise such as caps, jackets, coffee mugs, and other non-cash gifts to reward drivers for elevating and maintaining their GreenZone scores.

Identifying top drivers and making sure they’re seen and heard.

A fleet’s safest, most dedicated drivers can often fly under the radar. Despite operating accident- and citation-free, fleets too often spend their time dealing with drivers that need coaching and can turn a blind eye to their best drivers.

Netradyne’s GreenZone score provides fleets with insights to know who these drivers are and to seek them out for recognition — whether one on one or as part of a more public program. “It really does mean something to those drivers,” said Steve Dunn, Netradyne’s director of product and former safety manager at Ward Transport and XPO Logistics. “Even a simple recognition by name is helpful. That’s where safety is evolving. It’s really about meaningfully connecting with drivers and working together with your drivers to enhance fleet safety overall.”

A pat on the back by their manager — but especially public recognition such as a social media post, a shoutout in a company newsletter, or being acknowledged at a company meeting — could go a long way in making sure your best drivers remain happy and don’t start searching elsewhere for employment.

“You regularly see drivers recognized for driving a million miles without an accident. That’s fantastic. But it shouldn’t take 10 years to tell someone they’re doing a good job,” said Adam Kahn, president of Netradyne. “With the GreenZone, you could tell a driver after one day that they’re doing a good job. And why wouldn’t you?”

Need help setting up your incentive program?

Netradyne shared this summer a blueprint and points of emphasis for fleets to use when establishing their own programs for using GreenZone scores, including developing goals, communicating expectations to drivers, garnering driver feedback, and choosing the right rewards. Read that piece to learn more.

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