We are always looking for ways to improve at Netradyne. Which is why we took our Fleet Tracking feature to the next level by expanding fleet managers’ visibility of vehicle status and location. 

The enhanced Fleet Tracking feature offers new information on GPS location, vehicle status, route activity, and geofencing capabilities to help managers optimize overall fleet operations.  

Solutions Tailored for the Best Performance

Discover the power of Fleet Tracking – the latest addition to Netradyne’s cutting-edge tracking solutions. Experience unparalleled options tailored to meet your specific tracking requirements. 

Fleet tracking solutions

Driver•i live tracking

The updated feature allows you to:

  • Boost response time with real-time location updates, keeping customers informed and satisfied.
  • Enhance driver safety by uncovering risky driving patterns and checking performance through vehicle alerts and dynamic dash cam footage.
  • Supercharge efficiency with improved vehicle utilization and on-time performance.
  • Unlock the potential of Fleet Tracking and revolutionize your tracking experience.

Feature Highlights

Fleet Tracking is just a quick cloud update away, but before that, let’s go over its key highlights. Get better driver and vehicle insight with clickable livestream video and route location sharing.

GPS Location

Track your fleet with precision using GPS location. Easily locate drivers and vehicles in real-time, whether they’re on a route or at a job site. Driver•i ‘s advanced visibility features enable you to find the closest vehicle, determine when a driver will be back, and monitor the number of vehicles on a job. You’re able to analyze vehicle travel by duration or trips.

With our search tool, you can effortlessly find vehicles assigned to specific drivers. Stay informed about safety alerts on each trip and gain valuable insights by watching accompanying videos.

Vehicle Status

Gain a comprehensive view of your fleet’s operations by tracking the operator, ignition status, and speed of each vehicle. Also, fleet managers have access to data on driver changes, stop locations, and idling time while the vehicle is in use.

Not only does this enable you to efficiently manage your fleet, but it also allows you to take customer service to the next level. Share real-time location and status updates with your customers, enhancing their satisfaction and overall experience.

fleet tracking solutions

Driver•i vehicle locator

Route Activity

Stay on top of your fleet’s speed and location with our real-time tracking system. Ensure your vehicles stay on schedule and address delays or breakdowns proactively. With Driver•i technology, locating vehicles is quick and easy. 

Plus, track a route for up to three days in the past. Managing your fleet has never been this efficient and convenient.

fleet tracking solutions

Driver•i fleet tracking

Geofencing Capabilities

Keep track of your vehicles and receive instant notifications when they travel outside or within a designated area. With a maximum radius of 250 miles for circular geofences and 500 miles per side for polygons, easily customize your parameters to meet your specific needs. Stay ahead of the game, and never miss a beat with our advanced fleet management solution.

Final Thoughts

We are constantly updating Driver•i technology so it can better fit the needs of your fleet and solve your problems With the new updates to Fleet Tracking, managers gain better insight into daily operations and make proactive decisions on how they can improve the performance of their fleet. 

Explore more fleet management solutions tailored to your industry here to keep your business operating at its full potential. 

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