We are always looking for ways to improve at Netradyne. Which is why we took our Live Tracking service to the next level by expanding fleet managers’ visibility of vehicle status and location. The enhanced Fleet Tracking offering provides new information on GPS location, vehicle status, route activity, and geofencing capabilities to help managers optimize overall fleet operations.  

Feature Highlights

Fleet Tracking is just a quick cloud update away, but before that, let’s go over its key highlights.  

GPS Location

At the fleet level, GPS location allows fleet managers to pinpoint drivers and their vehicles while on a route or on a job site. This level of visibility allows fleet managers to locate the nearest vehicle, check when a driver will return, and how many vehicles are on a job.

Vehicle Status

In addition to identifying a vehicle’s operator, ignition status, and speed, fleet managers are able to see driver changes, stop locations, and idling time while a vehicle is in use.

Route Activity

Vehicle activity can be monitored while on a route so fleet managers know when a delay occurs and make sure their vehicles are getting to their destination on time. This will help managers stay ahead of roadblocks, monitor breakdowns, and better pinpoint vehicles in real-time.

Geofencing Capabilities

Fleet managers will be able to create location geofences and be notified when a vehicle travels outside or inside the set parameter. 

Solutions Tailored for the Best Performance

Fleet Tracking is the latest arrival in Netradyne’s tracking solutions portfolio, offering customers more options to find the right fit for their unique tracking needs.

Live Tracking

The middleweight of the Netradyne fleet tracking solutions, which customers can acquire as an add-on, brings even more insights to those who need it.

live tracking

Vehicle Locator

The basic offering, which is an integral part of all Netradyne solutions, allows fleet-based companies to geolocate their vehicles on the road.

vehicle locator

Fleet Tracking

The heavyweight in Netradyne’s fleet tracking solution portfolio helps customers take their route monitoring and optimization efforts to a whole new level with capabilities such as geofencing.

fleet tracking

Final Thoughts

We are constantly updating our system so it can better fit the needs of your fleet. With Fleet Tracking, managers are able to gain better insight into daily operations and make proactive decisions on how they can improve the performance of their fleet. 

Explore more fleet management solutions tailored to your industry here to keep your business operating at its full potential. 


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