With real-time information such as vehicle location, fleet managers can make better decisions for their daily operations. But GPS location isn’t the only measure managers can track. They also receive real-time status updates on routes, vehicles, and geofencing capabilities. On the outset, geofencing will inform you if the vehicle goes out of its designated perimeter. It’s normally associated with preventing vehicle theft, but it can do so much more.

Read on to find out how geofencing for fleets improves the decisions you’ll be making as a fleet manager.

How Does Geofencing Software Work?

Geofencing applies GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual boundary around an actual geographic area. The software will trigger a response whenever the vehicle enters or leaves these physical boundaries. You could geofence the area where trucks leave for deliveries or the typical routes they take, allowing you to better track where the vehicles travel.

But apart from vehicle location tracking, how else can geofencing help your business?

Improves efficiency of fleet operations with real-time fleet tracking.

With real-time updates of your daily fleet operations, you can effectively track how drivers go about their work. You can establish a geofence in integral areas in their journey such as rest areas, loading zones, and job sites to see how long it takes them to get through these different points.

Reduce fuel costs by optimizing routes and identifying driving habits.

Gps fleet management

The data you gather from how often they go in and out geofenced areas clues you in on how much fuel drivers save or expend. It also helps you see how else routes can be done more efficiently based on the time they spend in each area.

Strengthen customer service and meet customer needs efficiently.

By gathering data on how frequently and at what times drivers enter your geofenced areas, you can now provide clients with more precise information on your services’ speed and efficiency. This means you can accurately estimate shipping times and market yourself as a fast and reliable option for delivering items.

Enhance security of your fleet by knowing exactly where vehicles are located at all times.

Geofencing tracking

Your vehicles’ security is a priority, especially with trucks and equipment prone to theft. Your fleet’s security enhances with real-time updates in case they go outside the designated zones, letting you check the safety of the driver and the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Geofencing improves your company’s operations, guarantees vehicle and driver safety, and informs managers’ decisions with accurate data. By investing in a GPS or RFID technology that enables geofencing, you can plan better routes, save on gas consumption, and assure drivers and clients alike safe journeys every time.

Learn more about how geofencing capabilities will help you make data-informed decisions for your fleet.

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