AI dash cams are a fleet manager’s partner in protecting drivers and lowering costs. The recorded and organized data provides full visibility that allows drivers and managers to save time doing their jobs. They capture everything like positive and negative behavior behind the wheel, risky behaviors surrounding the vehicle, equipment use, live locations, and more. All these factors ensure the fleet’s safety and profit for the company to grow. 

A smart AI dash cam system guarantees safety by empowering your drivers. Step up your safety game with the proven power of positive reinforcement. Driveri® captures the most realistic picture of driver safety with 360-degree vision that identifies and reinforces great driving through advanced AI. This way, drivers know their strengths, and their best behaviors are reinforced across your fleet.   

Maximize Your Time with Driveri® AI Dash Cam Capabilities

Fleet managers can easily navigate through Driveri®’s easy-to-use system. Data like vehicle location and usage, GPS fleet tracking, and risky and positive behaviors are easily accessible through the manager portal. Having access to these highlighted trends from the data gathered keeps you from spending valuable time combing through hours of captured video. As time goes on, the data that smart technology captures will only increase. Having a fleet management solution like Netradyne’s Driveri® will help you better prioritize your time between driver coaching and daily fleet operations without drowning in data.

Reliable Footage is Instantly Available

In case of an accident-based or any potentially damaging claim, footage of that event is readily available. You are able to provide clear evidence that can move the process along quickly because of the captured videos organized by alert type on the manager portal. The system’s ability to capture both positive and negative driving events eliminates any guesswork on the who, what, when, and how an accident or claim occurred. No worrying about anyone taking advantage of your resources and requesting a payout. If your driver isn’t at fault, then you’ll reduce costs and won’t have to worry about contesting it further in court. When you spend less time fighting claims, you can spend more time growing your business.

Avoiding Data Overload with AI Dash Cams

It’s great when an AI-powered dash cam can capture driving behaviors like stop sign and traffic light compliance, speeding, following distance, distracted driving, and more. But how do you find the time to go through all this information? The Driveri® platform organizes videos based on the alert type and severity of the alert. Fleet managers are able to prioritize what behavior they wish to address based on the severity of the alert and how often it occurs. In addition to having access to an organized platform, fleet managers are able to analyze driving performances at the individual and fleet level through an easy-to-understand performance score. Netradyne’s GreenZone Score is meant to give both drivers and fleet managers the full picture of positive and risky driving behavior. Knowing who your highest and lowest-performing drivers are will help you better manage the safety of your drivers. You’re able to make better sense of what is helping and hindering your fleet operations more efficiently. 

Because of how these videos are organized, your work day isn’t filled with reviewing hours of video or trying to analyze an overwhelming amount of captured data. In less time, you can better pinpoint the challenges your fleet faces and find effective solutions with the use of AI-powered dash cams.

Virtual & Self-Coaching through the Mobile App 

The top priority of fleet managers is making sure their drivers stay safe on the road. Implementing a driver safety program has proven to not only improve the safety of drivers but also increase efficiency and save on costs. One of the main obstacles in driver coaching is making sure feedback is getting to drivers in a timely manner that also won’t take time out of their work day. Netradyne provides a mobile app that connects fleet managers to the drivers both remotely and virtually. Drivers use the Driveri® mobile app to see where they’re improving and need to improve through assigned coaching videos. Fleet managers are notified when a video has been reviewed, allowing for a streamlined coaching experience. Managers are able to leave comments as well for drivers to review each video. The safer and more consistent a driver is, the higher their Green Zone Score. Focusing on what drivers are good at reinforces positive behavior quicker, ensuring they continue doing these throughout their careers.

This also keeps drivers on the road and out of the office. Your drivers save precious work time while improving their driving skills. 

Final Thoughts

Going through all this dash cam footage can be difficult and time-consuming for managers or even drivers with limited time. Thankfully systems like Driveri® also recognize and organize what’s going on for easy reference. Managers can access what they need to make business-related decisions, while drivers can self-coach and view videos remotely. Drivers are also motivated to perform better based on what they’re good at. You also save costs with reduced accidents, safer driving, and refuting claims. Objective, recorded, and categorized evidence backs you up every step of the way.

Explore what Netradyne’s Driveri® can do for your fleet today. The power of AI-driven technology will ensure drivers are at their best and managers make the best decisions for the business. 

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