As a fleet manager, you deal with hundreds of drivers and thousands of journeys per day. Ideally, you’d join every driver to monitor their performance and experience the problems they face yourself. Unfortunately, this can’t be done. However, getting the most out of fleet video monitoring can help you assess your driver’s performance at both the fleet and individual levels. So how exactly does fleet video monitoring work? Read on to find out how you can utilize this technology to your fleet company’s benefit.

What is Fleet Video Monitoring?

Fleet video monitoring is a dash cam feature that lets fleet managers look back on drivers’ entire drive time. The most reliable fleet safety systems will have a mobile app and/or dashboard that organizes the recorded dash cam video so fleet managers don’t have to comb through hours of video. The main purpose of this feature is to give context to a driver’s overall performance. With the Netradyne dash cam system, both positive and negative driving behaviors are captured.

What Does Dash Cam Fleet Video Capture?

With the various angles of dash cameras, what exactly can AI-driven fleet video monitoring capture? As explained earlier, the cameras will record 100 percent of the drive time. This includes what the driver does inside the vehicle and how their actions reflect on the road. It can also capture the vehicle’s fuel usage, speeding, stop locations, and distance traveled. All that data is valuable for every fleet manager’s decision-making and planning of journeys to make them more efficient.

The monitoring system gives in-cab audio alerts based on the driver’s behavior being observed by the dash cam. Netradyne’s Driver•i dash cam detects distracted driving and will alert the driver so they have time to correct their behavior before being penalized. This helps your driver break bad driving habits and rewards them for improving their safety skills.

Since the fleet video monitoring has eyes around your truck, the cameras also capture other vehicles’ behavior and how your driver responds. This comes in handy when fighting false insurance claims or if your driver is at fault, the video captured can help lessen a potentially harsh verdict.

Having access to reliable dash cam video helps fleet managers better mitigate risk and keep their drivers safe. The data captured from fleet videos are valuable for companies looking to pinpoint ways their teams can improve their job performance.

What are the Benefits of Fleet Video Monitoring?

The data and footage fleet video monitoring captures have several benefits. First, the recorded videos can exonerate drivers if an accident occurs. The external dash cams will clearly show if the driver is at fault or if the other vehicle made the mistake. Insurance companies will also appreciate the evidence and lower your likelihood of being a liability.

The monitoring also boosts driver awareness, providing a full picture of their capabilities. Fleet managers can use the footage as examples at in-person or during remote training sessions. You can easily break down the event and note what your driver did well or what they can improve on. Managers can also use these as training videos and proof for incentive programs.

Your company will benefit greatly from fleet video monitoring. Everyone on the road is safe, fleet managers save time, and drivers improve their overall performance. It’s a worthy investment that will protect your business and its people in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Fleet video monitoring gives context to the whole picture of driver and vehicle safety. And with the right fleet management software, managers don’t have to sacrifice hours of their time to help their drivers improve. This technology provides fleet and safety managers with the tools needed to keep their fleets and company safe.

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