The main goal for any fleet manager is to keep their drivers safe on the road. Through smart technologies like front and rear-facing dash cams, fleet managers are able to communicate with their drivers, coach them to improve their safe driving behaviors, and exonerate their drivers when an accident occurs.

In fact, the benefits of AI-powered dash cams extend far beyond driver protection. Fleets can use data and video footage collected by advanced dash camera system to exonerate drivers, increase driver retention, and protect their businesses. Here are the top five benefits of front and rear dash cams for your fleets.

What is an AI-powered Dash Cam?

Today’s AI-powered dash cam solutions enable clear insights into driving behavior and road conditions. Unlike front and rear dashboard cameras that simply record the roadway, AI dash cams collect and analyze huge amounts of data. Advanced solutions use machine learning to extract valuable insights from this data, which can be used to coach drivers about safe following distances, distracted driving, and much more. The data is also used to make predictions about dangerous road conditions and alert drivers in real-time. Fleet managers can use video footage to support their fleet’s safety culture, as well as protect their business from fraud and lawsuits.

Benefits of Front and Rear Dash Cams

Clear Visibility Around Your Vehicles

By installing side, front and rear-facing cameras, drivers and fleet managers get a 360-degree view around the vehicle. Dash cameras help eliminate blind spots to help drivers with difficult loading/unloading procedures and maneuvering into small spaces. In addition, dash cams record clear videos that can be pulled to take on nuclear verdicts or be used in the event of theft. 20 percent of fleets lose three or more vehicles to theft every year, and 47 percent never recover those stolen vehicles. With front and rear-facing dash camera videos, fleets can enhance the security of their vehicles.

Exonerate Your Drivers

One of the primary reasons that fleets install front and rear dash cams are to help exonerate their drivers. After an accident, insurance claims can be processed very slowly, especially if an insurer conducts its own investigation. Clear video evidence dramatically speeds up the process. Dash cam videos can be accessed quickly by fleet managers to exonerate drivers if they are pulled over and also be saved to take on claims at a later date. Even if your driver is at fault for an accident, having quality video proof can lighten the severity of verdicts and bring cost claims down.

Retain Your Best Drivers

Driving professionally is hard work. But it can also be rewarding—especially when drivers feel like they’re developing their skills and being recognized for it. Netradyne’s Driver•i uses data gathered by AI-powered dash cams to give drivers immediate feedback on their job performance. Drivers earn points for safe driving behaviors like obeying the speed limit and maintaining a safe following distance. These points add up to a driver’s total performance as a GreenZone Score. Drivers can view updated scores throughout the day via the mobile app which provides them with the feedback they need to reach their safety goals. Positive recognition encourages driver engagement, so it’s a good idea for fleet managers to use this data to award incentives to top-performing and improving drivers.

Protect Your Business

AI-powered dash cameras use video telematics to track and collect a multitude of fleet-wide safety metrics. Netradyne’s dash cam solution collects data like unsafe passing, harsh braking, speeding, and distracted driving. These metrics can not only be used to assess each driver’s safety habits, but also provide a foundation for a strong fleet safety culture. Fleets with an established safety culture regularly see lower CSA scores, reduced claims, and long-term improvement in driver performance. Plus, the dash cams give your company a good reputation—it shows you’re committed to providing quality services and keeping your drivers safe.

Quickly Access Video

Netradyne has one of the most advanced fleet safety camera solution in the industry. Our Driver•i vision-based safety solution uses AI, machine learning, and edge computing to create an improved safe driving standard for fleet vehicles. The Driver•i dashboard provides an organized platform for accessing videos that are categorized based on the safety alert captured. This saves fleet managers time on combing through hours of video to coach drivers. These videos can also be used to train new drivers so they are better prepared when they hit the road.

Final Thoughts

Front and rear dashboard cameras increase fleet safety, help to exonerate drivers, improve driver retention, and enable fleets to protect their bottom line. Netradyne’s fleet safety solution supports up to four high-quality HD cameras for a complete 360-degree view around fleet vehicles, including exterior rear and side-facing views as well as an interior camera to monitor what’s happening inside the vehicle.

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