At Netradyne, our goal is to deliver new features and upgrades to help fleets continue to improve their fleet safety program. This third portfolio update includes expanding the Driver•i platform capabilities with new privacy enhancements and additional customer education. Both features are designed with the customer in mind. These new features combine our powerful analytics with efficient means for driver privacy, improved precision in identifying accident events, and training and educating customers. 

Take a look at the new features below. 

 Enhanced Privacy Mode (In-cab Alerts with no Inward Video) 

An inward camera on the Driver•i device has a significant impact in identifying in-cab events and thus enhancing safety. However, not all drivers are happy about being recorded. Even with the strict data protection rules implemented to ensure that the visuals are not misused, some drivers may think their privacy could be compromised.  

With the driver in mind, Netradyne has introduced a privacy-focused feature called Enhanced Privacy Mode to ensure continued safety without compromising the drivers’ privacy. This feature ensures that the in-cab audio alerts are generated, and inward alert data is recorded even when the inward camera of the device is disabled. Implementing this feature benefits customers who are sensitive to drivers’ concerns about invasion of privacy but still want to alert the driver and view the inward alert data.  

This feature was designed with the driver in mind to respect driver privacy and help ease the adoption of inward-facing dash cams. This option allows for significant flexibility for drivers wary of in-cab cameras and helps maintain driver retention for fleets concerned with losing drivers. This new feature does not sacrifice safety and allows drivers to be more comfortable, a win-win.  

Accident Alerts 

Netradyne has introduced a new alert type called Accident Alerts. The Accident Alert will include all accident-type events that are captured by the Driver•i device. Even though such alerts were identified previously by Driver•i, they were classified as High G alerts under the Severe and Moderate categories or as a Low Impact alerts. With the improved precision in identifying High G & Low Impact accident events, Driver•i will now be able to identify accidental events separately. Accident Alerts enable fleets to distinguish between accidents and High-G alerts for non-accident events.  

Having a dedicated alert type for accidents will help customers monitor the accident event exclusively. Identifying accidents will help with the claim management system.  

To help customers take full advantage of these updates, Netradyne is launching Netradyne University, a comprehensive training program designed to help fleets and drivers get the most out of the Driver•i platform. This free online learning program allows Netradyne customers and drivers to stream online course content, complete assignments, and become certified on Driver•i installation. In addition, fleets and drivers will learn about the latest product overviews, technology advances, and more from Netradyne’s team of experts. Netradyne University is easily accessed through the online Driver•i platform portal.

Netradyne University 

Netradyne University is a comprehensive learning platform designed to help fleets gain insight into Driver•i products. This online learning platform will allow customers to select and stream online course content, complete assignments, and get certified on Netradyne’s products and services.  

How is the University Structured 

Netradyne University enables the learning program administrator to enroll learners in a Learning Path that contains a number of courses. Each course is based on a defined feature or competency that learners are expected to master upon completion. The learner must complete all the courses in the Learning Path along with an assessment. In addition, learners can select from the comprehensive list of courses in the Course Catalog. Public course catalogs are accessible to everyone, while private course catalogs are pre-designed for a specific audience.  

Administrators can identify courses that are deemed to be most relevant to the learner and configure them to be displayed on the Home page as Featured Courses. The learners’ Dashboard displays the courses and the learning paths that are assigned to them.  

Quizzes are available at the end of each course to assess the learner’s level of understanding of the subject matter.

A course completion certificate will be issued at the end of each course to certify that the learner has successfully completed the course. 

How to Access Netradyne University 

Customers who have access to the Driver•i portal can access Netradyne University. They can log into the Driver•i portal and click Netradyne University or log into using the Driver•i portal credentials. Contact the learning program administrator if you have trouble accessing Netradyne University. 

As the Driver•i product evolves, Netradyne University will constantly be upgraded with new courses and learning paths.  

Benefits to Customers 

Netradyne University helps deliver original online training that engages learners and improves business outcomes. It can be used to onboard new users and train large teams seamlessly. It eliminates the dependency on the Support Team for clarifications that may arise while working with Driver•i products.  


The Driver•i portal provides seven pre-defined roles that can be assigned to users accessing the portal. These base roles include Tenant SuperUser, Tenant Safety Manager, Safety Coordinator I, Safety Coordinator II, Auditor, Operations Coordinator, and Installer. In some cases, the pre-defined base roles might not match the user’s requirements. Therefore, when the fleet outgrows the base roles, there is a need to configure custom roles slightly different from the pre-defined roles. Custom roles are derived by disabling some of the default privileges associated with the base user role. 

The Roles page on the portal enables users with the Tenant SuperUser role to create custom roles that inherit a subset of privileges from the base role.   

With this, customers no longer need to wait for Netradyne to create a specific role. Instead, the Roles page enhances the user experience, allowing them to create and assign roles with access to functions specific to their fleet.

Final Thoughts

Netradyne naturally grows and evolves with your fleet. By empowering drivers with the right resources, you ensure a better future for your business. Driver•i can help ensure your drivers’ safety and seamlessly help you manage your fleet. 

To learn more about our new features, book a meeting with us today.

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