Smart dash cams with AI-powered automation provide fleet managers with the tools they need to make informed decisions. These dash cams offer the ability to track vehicle locations, assess driver performance, and most importantly, reduce risks on the road.

But what do drivers think about fleet dash cams? While some may perceive them as invasive due to their placement in the driver’s cab, there are benefits for both drivers and fleet managers who utilize Netradyne’s Driver•i dash cams.

Keep reading to learn why both fleet managers and drivers choose Driver•i.

Who Is Netradyne?

At Netradyne, we specialize in fleet safety technology designed to help your fleet succeed. Our solutions have one clear objective: to improve road and driver safety. We firmly believe that by addressing risky driving habits, we can not only prevent accidents but also save lives.

Our Driver•i fleet safety software is focused on the safety of the drivers behind the wheel and how they interact with the road. Internal dash cams will sense risky behaviors like talking on the phone or driving drowsy. A real-time audio alert will inform the driver to avoid this behavior, encouraging your driver to proactively correct before a collision occurs.

fleet dash cam

Driver•i dash cam

We recognize that some drivers may feel uncomfortable or opposed to the idea of an inward-facing dash cam. At first glance, it may appear to invade their privacy. However, with Driver•i, the focus is on both risky and positive driving behaviors. While the system captures when a driver misses a stop sign, it will also capture every time your driver obeys a stop sign, maintains the speed limit, and makes room for other drivers sharing the road.

By considering both safe and risky behaviors, drivers gain a comprehensive understanding of how they can enhance their performance. They receive tangible evidence of their strengths and specific areas for improvement.

Driver•i actively ensures the safety and well-being of drivers by capturing 100 percent of their drive time and highlighting any potential risks in their environment. This technology is a valuable asset that guarantees the safety and professional development of your drivers.

What Are the Benefits of Dash Cam Technology for Fleets?

There are many benefits to the dash cams for both drivers and fleet managers:

Exterior and Interior Cameras 

fleet management technologies

Dash cam alert

Inward and road-facing dash cams detect potential risks in real-time, which in turn increases the driver’s safety awareness.

For example, an incoming car could be in a driver’s blind spot but the dash cam will detect the vehicle and give an in-cab audio alert to the driver. This gives the driver time to proactively respond and prevent a collision.

Having these extra pairs of eyes in and around the vehicle helps the driver stay alert and focused. Operators are also able to safely unload cargo, monitor passenger pick-up areas, and use the camera for security purposes when the vehicle is powered off and parked.

Recognizing Positive Driving Behavior 



Having a system that recognizes positive driving behavior in addition to risky behavior gives you and your drivers the full picture of their performance.

“It’s just a great way for the drivers to receive that positive reinforcement. It takes some work off of the safety managers and off of that fleet because the Netradyne platform makes it so easy for the drivers to self-manage.”

Mark Brest, Fleet Services and Risk Engineering at HDVI

Drivers have an easy reference of what to improve on and what they are doing well. In addition, fleet managers lead a more balanced conversation when giving feedback to their drivers.

The organized data gives fleet managers the ability to incentivize and reward their highest-performing drivers. By rewarding safe driving, drivers are more likely to repeat and improve over time. This helps your team mitigate risk in the long run.

Accurately Captured Events 

Dash cam road capture with a jeep braking to hard at a red traffic light; Detect road violations and sign compliance

Red light alert

Red light alert With real-time alerts and clear video, your drivers are assured that the system in their cabs is watching out for them. If your driver is not at fault, then the high-resolution videos clearly show they are not liable. Clear evidence also gives the company the cost savings associated with safety directs and liability claims.

You avoid paying more than you should and you’re more marketable to insurance companies because your fleet is taking active safety precautions with dash cams.

Truck Driver Concerns About Fleet Management Technology

Misunderstandings about dash cams often lead to concerns about privacy invasion and potential false accusations due to inaccurate alerts. However, it’s important to address these misconceptions and help your drivers understand the true purpose of dash cams.

Driver Concerns vs. Dash Cams

Driver concern: Dash cams only capture negative driving events and make drivers look bad.

What dash cams actually do: Fleet management systems, like Driver•i, use the GreenZone Score to clearly show a driver’s positive and risky driving behavior in a comprehensive score. This score provides accurate context around both positive and risky driving behavior. The dash cam works more like an advocate for drivers rather than an accuser.

The GreenZone Driver Scoring

GreenZone Score happy driver

Driver concern: Dash cams only benefit fleet managers.

What dash cams actually do: While fleet managers are able to use the dash cams to check the status of a vehicle in real-time and receive alerts based on severity type – drivers are able to receive recognition through incentive programs and have autonomy over how they improve their skills.

“Drivers hate change and there was initial pushback, especially whenever it came to the AI. But as we further got into it and enabled them to be able to do their own coaching – they’ve totally embraced it!”

Anthony Meloy, Training and Recruiting Manager, Trailiner

Through the Driver•i mobile app, drivers easily monitor their performance score and participate in virtual training sessions. This means drivers stay on the road and prioritize their work without managers bringing them into the office.

Driver concern: Dash cams don’t accurately capture high-risk driving events.

What dash cams actually do: When the AI-powered dash cam detects an alert, such as hard braking, it immediately begins recording the event. This captured footage serves as an accurate record of the incident and its underlying causes. The footage clears drivers of any wrongdoing and demonstrates their attentiveness and focus on the road.

Testimonial From Netradyne Customers

The drivers at Salt Lake Express embraced the dash cam as a tool for their benefit, rather than seeing it as a threat. That’s because the company was transparent with their drivers about how they wanted to use the dash cams to protect their drivers. Through Netradyne’s fleet management solution, these drivers were able to receive rewards and recognition for their excellent driving skills.

“When we were first installing the Driver•i cameras, we had a few drivers who we were planning on dismissing. To my surprise, these drivers really took the camera’s scoring system to heart. Instead of dismissing them, we watched their scores rise, week over week, until we reached the point where a driver who had been a day away from dismissal now scores a perfect score on a regular basis.”

Gregory Hendricks, Salt Lake Express’ Director of Safety & Compliance

Since using a safety driver performance score, Salt Lake Express got their drivers motivated about safety and using dash cams. This has ensured that their company runs efficiently while also protecting their bottom line.

Final Thoughts

Netradyne’s Driver•i has been a favorite choice for fleet managers who need the ability to track and analyze driver performance while reducing risks on the road. By giving drivers the respect and trust they deserve, fleets utilizing Driver•i are providing an invaluable service that enables their whole team to work together more efficiently and safely.

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