By leveraging technological solutions like smart analytics applications and predictive modeling tools, fleet managers and owners can harness this valuable data into actionable insights while avoiding becoming overwhelmed by its sheer volume.

Create a Priority List

Fleet Data Management

Before managers head into the data, they first need to know what they’re assessing for the company. Create a priority list that narrows down the problems or pain points the data will help you address. Do you need data support to increase trip efficiency or improve driver training and safety? Or are you looking for information to help with route optimization?

If specific points aren’t the issue, perhaps you need a fleet management system that’s more reliable and organized. Maybe you have problems sifting through the data and finding exactly what you need. Whether you’re pinpointing specific fleet problems or easing access, both issues require AI technology that helps managers make data-driven decisions. Consider how the data is being gathered and analyzed to see if the information provided is relevant to your priority list.

Example Points for Your Priority List:

Invest in an Organizational Tool

Fleet Management Systems

Organized data helps fleet managers better utilize the numbers, scores, and other quantifiable information they receive from a fleet truck management system. Your company gets immediate ROI from an organizational tool like a GreenZone Score, a real-time rating that drivers earn from safe driving habits and positive behaviors. Instead of adding up what they do wrong, a GreenZone score will add up the rules they follow and how consistent they are with defensive driving. The score isn’t just a number: drivers can access how it’s computed and see what they can do to maintain or increase their current standing.

Driver scores aren’t the only thing managers keep track of. They’ll also want a tool that prioritizes their daily workflow—from assigning trips, checking on real-time journeys, to assessing driver performance. With so many things to look over, the fleet data management should be structured for them to easily sift through and go about their different tasks. They can’t waste time unable to look for what they need or the information that will make each task more efficient.

How Fleet Managers Have Overcome Paralysis by Analysis

Truck driver talking with a fleet manager. Manager Coaching for Driver Safety

These Netradyne customers each had their own challenges within their industry. When they turned to an organized dash cam system they were able to create effective, long-term solutions.

Claims reduction. LoadOne Transportation and Logistics turned to smart fleet management technology in order better manage their rising claims. The dash cam system the company used allowed them to build an effective safety program. After two years of using the system, the company saw an 82 percent decrease in claims.

Driver recognition tool. Charley’s Taxi utilized a rolling performance score to virtually coach and accurately identify their best-performing drivers. After one year, 87 drivers are above the score goal and 21 are below the goal. That’s a 35 percent increase in safe driving behaviors reflected in the performance score.

CSA score reduction. Shah Trucking implemented embraced smart technology that provided an organized platform. This platform helped their fleet managers keep track of vehicle and driver data to better coach and manage their fleet. Over a year, Shah achieved a 52 percent decrease in overall safety-critical events, including a 61 percent decrease in speeding and an 86 percent decrease in distracted driving events.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, with ever-growing levels of data available online at all times, fleet managers face the daunting task of choice paralysis. The good news is that AI can be used to organize and amplify your decision-making process. By simplifying tasks into an easy-to-understand interface, both drivers and managers alike can stay on top of what’s needed from them each day.

Explore how Netradyne’s fleet data management software helps you efficiently manage your fleet.

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