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Charley’s Taxi Uses Driver•i to Enhance Successful Driver Coaching


Charley’s Taxi, a high-performance transportation company, needed a video safety solution that not only ensured the safety of their customers and drivers, but also offered an effective driver coaching program. After researching twenty-five systems, Charley’s Taxi found that Netradyne was “one step above” the other systems. The Netradyne Driver•i system best served Charley’s Taxi because of the AI-powered safety cameras and the positive recognition-based coaching platform.

Charley’s Taxi has extremely high standards of service and safety. The company’s drivers are continuously coached by Ryan Hayashi, a safety consultant with Risk Solution Partners of Woodruff Sawyer. Hayashi and his company offer the most comprehensive coaching in the industry. Charley’s Taxi drivers have access to a driving simulator and other National Safety Council (NSC) tools. Through orientation and regularly scheduled meetings, Hayashi communicates hot topics and identifies trends with his drivers. With a system like Netradyne’s Driver•i, Hayashi was able to enhance these practices to ensure Charley’s Taxi drivers were improving their safe driving skills.

Taking On the Upgrade

Charley’s Taxi drivers were already used to having dash cams in their vehicles. To familiarize the drivers with the new Driver•i cameras, Hayashi took the time to communicate which features would help improve their driving day. Hayashi highlighted how the cameras captured speeding, following distance, and stop sign compliance to aid improvement rather than focusing on their mistakes.

The inward and outward-facing cameras capture incidents in high definition, for proof and protection. Just the presence of the dash cam has deterred customers with criminal intentions and provided an extra level of security for the drivers. New drivers are informed about the dash cameras during orientation at which Hayashi explains what the cameras capture and how the video will be used.

“Once [the drivers] understand the cameras are not there to police them but to ensure that an added layer of safety is provided for them and their passengers, they feel better protected and safer.”

– Ryan Hayashi

Creating Long-Term Solutions

Hayashi’s coaching style relies on accurate data that is compiled of both positive and risky driving behaviors. The Driver•i system identifies all driving behaviors, helping him pinpoint how to break a bad driving habit as well as validating good ones. This helps Hayashi set the tone for his coaching sessions with drivers, leading to an open, conversational style of coaching.

“The built-in virtual coaching is a great tool because it saves time and alleviates workload demands. I allow the system to assist me in identifying driver events and sending out coaching videos to drivers.”

– Ryan Hayashi

One key Driver•i feature that helps Hayashi identify safe drivers is the GreenZone Score. The GreenZone Score is a rolling driving score that captures positive and negative driving events. Charley’s Taxi has set its score goal to 850 points or above to maintain an 85 to 90 percent average so drivers are constantly striving for safer driving behaviors. After the initial installation, 43 of Charley’s Taxi drivers were above the set score goal and 50 ranked below the score goal. After a one year period, 87 drivers are above the score goal and 21 are below the goal. That’s a 35 percent increase in safe driving behaviors reflected in the GreenZone Score.

GreenZone Score: Driver Performance vs. Fleet Goal

Hayashi found that the score allowed drivers to monitor their progress and identify where they need to improve independently. He regularly holds coaching sessions with drivers but the performance score keeps drivers from constantly being called into the office. Also, when they see how they’re improving through a transparent score, the drivers learn exactly which behaviors are making a difference. Within one year of installing Driver•i, driver following distance improved by 10 percent through the in-cab audio alerts. These alerts have helped Charley’s Taxi not only mitigate their compliance violations, but have enabled drivers to improve their habits.

“The Netradyne alerts system helps us achieve an understanding of driver behavior, so we can take a purposeful approach towards preventive measures.”

– Ryan Hayashi

Following Distance Improvement Over 12 Months

Effective Incentive Program Results

Charley’s Taxi uses the GreenZone Score to create a successful incentive program. Every month, qualified drivers are put into a drawing to receive cash and prizes. Drivers must retain a score of 950 or more, indicating a low number of risky driving events to qualify for the drawing. In addition, near misses and real-time positive driving events, called DriverStars, are also rewarded. These monthly drawings promote healthy competition among drivers and provide the recognition they deserve.

Since implementing this incentive program, Charley’s Taxi has seen improvements in the following areas:

About Charley’s Taxi

Charley’s Taxi is a transportation business based in Hawaii that values the customer experience and the safety of its drivers. The taxi business has been serving the people of Hawaii since 1938 as a third-generation woman-owned business.