Waste and recycling management fleets run high-stakes operations. They have to collect and process hazardous materials on a daily basis while keeping workers safe in the seventh-deadliest profession in the U.S. And they have to do it all while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Modern waste and recycling management fleets need visibility into vehicle locations, driver performance, fuel economy, validation of service, and more in order to ensure safety and productivity. Fleet safety and management solutions have emerged as the key.

Read on to learn how waste haulers and collection agencies are leveraging fleet safety and management technology to transform their operations.

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Why Use Fleet Safety and Management Solutions for Waste & Recycling?

Ensuring the safety of vehicles, drivers, and everyone else on the road, especially within the communities they serve, is the top concern in waste and recycling management. All this is possible with the right fleet safety and management solution. Here’s how:

AI-Powered Technology for Driver Accountability and Safety

Modern fleet safety and management solutions use AI-powered technology to support a culture of responsibility and safety. In-cab dash cams capture data about drivers’ unsafe driving habits and alert them when these habits occur, so drivers can correct their behavior. This practice establishes a more proactive approach to safety.

The captured data goes back to fleet managers who are able to leverage fleet safety analytics to make improvements — and it’s not all about bad habits. Managers can also see drivers’ excellent performance and use those examples to recognize and reward drivers, showing which driving behaviors to emulate. 

Such a reward system motivates drivers to do their best, and managers can also implement gamification to incentivize drivers even further. Netradyne’s fleet safety solution incorporates the GreenZone® score to inspire drivers to do their best, get recognized for it, and strengthen their entire fleet.

With visibility into driver behavior and performance, fleet managers can proactively implement training to preempt safety issues. 

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Greater Visibility for Maintenance, Safety, and Much More

Fleet safety and management solutions help managers keep track of vehicle needs so they can stay up on required maintenance and repairs. Maintaining vehicles properly ensures waste and recycling fleets maximize these assets and their fuel efficiency. It also keeps drivers safe by making sure they don’t have to deal with breakdowns or other vehicle problems on the road.

The right fleet safety and management solution combines durable, high-performing cameras with AI-driven software to provide complete visibility of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. Fleet safety managers and drivers get a 360-degree view of their waste hopper, vehicle, and surroundings — in addition to in-cab visibility. This technology helps to reduce blind spots for drivers, which is a top concern in many urban spaces where drivers need to navigate tight spaces and keep an eye on children, animals, and more. We know that 30-40% of all truck accidents take place when the vehicle is in reverse, and backing-up incidents are a common pain point in the waste and recycling industry, so any improvement in rear visibility means greater safety.

Exterior cameras — along with smart software — also enable fleet managers to verify service has been rendered, quickly resolving any customer disputes and confirming billing. 

Additionally, the technology aids in legal proceedings where drivers are often to blame. In case of an accident, video captured of both vehicle surroundings and the driver can exonerate your fleet from liability and save you from expensive settlements.

Improved Fleet Efficiency and Fuel Economy

Knowing your drivers are driving the most efficient routes is critical to effective fleet operations. A fleet safety and management solution allows you to see where vehicles and drivers are in real time on their routes. You can identify places where drivers are idling too long or where they commonly hit traffic in order to redesign routes and optimize them for maximum efficiency. 

In doing so, you’ll also save on fuel as your vehicles spend the minimum amount of energy required to do the job. Fleet safety and management solutions gather and deliver data about fuel usage so you can make data-driven decisions about how to lower operational costs. Additionally, the technology helps you analyze routes as a whole so you can see how vehicles performed on a route against metrics like fuel consumption. The solution takes into consideration the conditions of the route, including weather and traffic.

How to Choose the Right Fleet Safety Solution for Waste and Recycling Management Fleets

Follow these steps to select the right solution for your waste and recycling management organization:

Test the Solution Before Buying It

Testing the solution ensures that it aligns with your fleet’s needs and is user-friendly for managers and drivers. Any fleet safety solution worth its salt will let you test it before committing to a purchase. For instance, Netradyne provides prospective users with the opportunity to explore their solutions through a demo version or a trial period. 

This trial phase is crucial in making an informed decision, as it allows you to experience the solution’s functionality and assess how it integrates with your existing systems

Use Customer Reviews to Make an Informed Decision

Customer reviews give you real insight into the strengths and weaknesses of fleet safety solutions. Be sure to read reviews not just from the provider’s website but from independent review organizations as well, such as Capterra.

It’s also important to try to scope out any reviews left by businesses in the waste and recycling management industry. While all reviews will be helpful, those from your industry colleagues might speak to particulars about the solution or pinpoint any quirks that specifically affected their unique operations. 

Prioritize Security in Your Solution of Choice

Security is paramount in today’s ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. You’ll want to shop for a solution that makes it clear the provider employs modern cybersecurity technology to protect driver behavior data and sensitive operational details. For example, Netradyne’s Driver•i uses advanced encryption methods to safeguard fleet data — preventing unauthorized access or breaches. 

Why Waste & Recycling Management Fleets Choose Netradyne 

Netradyne is a leading provider of innovative fleet safety and management solutions across many industries. With our cutting-edge Driver•i technology, we revolutionize waste and recycling management operations and improve the daily lives of both drivers and fleet managers. Here are a few ways:

  • Better safety. Driver•i promotes responsible driving habits among your fleet by continuously monitoring driving behaviors and road conditions in real time. Fleet managers can address risky behavior promptly, enable drivers to self-coach, and quickly recognize positive and proactive driving behaviors.

Image: GreenZone Score on Driver•i mobile app

  • Data-driven decisions. Driver•i offers fleet managers valuable data to enhance their decision-making processes. By providing comprehensive information on route stops and driving behavior, managers gain the insights needed to optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency, and allocate resources effectively.
  • Driver exoneration. Netradyne’s dash cams are instrumental in mitigating risks by deterring unsafe driving behavior. In the event of an accident, the dash cam provides video evidence, aiding in accident reconstruction and insurance claims. Our collision management feature provides real-time First Notice of Loss (FNOL) information and precise collision detection to save time and resources on insurance claims. Dash cam footage protects drivers from false claims and ensures operations are transparent and accountable.

“Driver•i makes drivers more aware of opportunities to make themselves better drivers…At first everyone was 50/50, but it’s improved our driving skills so much.”

– Rashad Hollis, driver for STS Recycling

Test Netradyne’s Fleet Safety and Management Solution for Yourself Today

Transform your waste and recycling fleet operations by harnessing Netradyne’s AI-powered fleet safety and management solution. Explore the Driver•i AI fleet camera system for waste and recycling by booking a demo today.

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