Dash cams contribute greatly to your fleet operations and drivers’ safety. While your staff may seem hesitant to have them around at first, the cameras’ overall benefits will convince them it’s integral to their careers and safety on the road. The captured videos and data from internal and external dash cams have helped reduce accidents and improve driver performance. These can also protect your fleet from false claims, which in turn reduces the company’s insurance costs. So how exactly do dash cams work to improve your fleet’s safety? Find out how telematics work to your company’s advantage.

What Is Dash Cam Telematics?

Dash cam telematics or video telematics uses the technologies of informatics and telecommunications. Simply put, the dash cam records and identifies specific instances like road conditions and the driver’s behavior. From there, the captured data and videos are sent via a telecommunications network. Fleet managers will have access to all the footage and other information gathered from the dash cams. They not only see the complete picture of every vehicle’s driving experience, but can zone in on specific driver behaviors and road situations that reduce safety. From there, they can plan for more efficient routes, check in on drivers’ performance, and discuss other ways to improve fleet operations in the long run.

Why Your Business Needs Fleet Dash Cameras with Video Telematics

  • Fleet dash cameras with video telematics reduce disputed claims by up to 40 percent. Confidently take on false insurance claims with high-quality dash cam video.
  • Dash cams also provide a full 360° view of the vehicle, for both the driver and fleet manager. Drivers are made aware of incoming vehicles from blind spots like sharp curves. They can take preventive action to avoid collisions and protect everyone’s lives.
  • Video telematics analyzes driver footage and captures risky and positive driving behaviors. The data from the dash cam is quickly analyzed, allowing drivers to receive real-time in-cab audio alerts to proactively improve their driving skills. Managers can analyze the data and footage for a more comprehensive and beneficial performance review of each driver.


Netradyne’s Driveri® dash cam provides crystal clear footage of all events that occur while driving. You can have up to 4 dash cams to get the complete view. It also includes one in-cab monitor to help your drivers. All videos are in high-quality HD, while all cameras are connected via Wi-Fi.

How Does Telematics Work With Dash Cams to Improve Fleet Safety?

While a dash cam does record specific instances, it is not a surveillance tool. It’s only triggered when risky behavior occurs. Drivers are informed of the behavior and are given time to correct it in the coming moments. The cameras also recognize positive behavior and inform drivers what they can continue doing. This motivates them to do better, which will improve their overall safety and performance on the road. The videos provide objective proof of good driving, whether for an upcoming performance review or to exonerate drivers in specific cases. The data also provides managers full access to the driver’s behavior behind the wheel, so they can coach staff better and discuss specific points for further improvement. Managers can also locate their fleets in real-time, so they can reroute the journey in case of traffic or send help immediately after an accident.


How Can Dash Cam Telematics Improve Commercial Fleet Safety Challenges?

The company experiences many other benefits and overcomes other safety challenges through dash cam telematics. For one, your business reduces operational costs. You spend less on accidents, insurance premiums, and coverages. Your vehicles also run more smoothly and are better maintained, so managers enjoy improved resource utilization. Managers can also deduce from the data how to improve fuel usage based on the journeys’ consumption and the routes drivers take to complete the job. Since managers have access to useful fleet data, they can also provide clients with better customer service. They can accurately show how the fleet delivers results and how the money clients spend is maximized in every truck. The information works to both the company’s and the customers’ advantages.

Final Thoughts

Dash cams are one of the most important tools in a fleet manager’s toolkit. Combined with telematics, they provide invaluable data and insights that can improve safety for your drivers and vehicles. Netradyne’s fleet management software offers reliable, easy-to-access data to help you manage your fleet more effectively and improve safety on the road. Learn more about how Netradyne’s Driveri® AI-powered system ensures the safety of your fleet.

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