Netradyne recently commissioned Atomik Research to conduct a survey to better understand the challenges and goals of small and medium-sized fleet businesses (SMBs). The survey took place from September 21-28, 2022, and interviewed a total of 503 decision-makers of SMBs with fewer than 1,000 employees and commercial fleets with five or more vehicles.

The data found concluded SMB fleet decision-makers are concerned about their professional drivers sharing the road with distracted drivers and the level of risk they face on a daily basis.

Read on to learn more about the high level of safety SMB decision-makers must maintain in order to keep their drivers and their businesses protected.

SMB Decision-Makers Address Road Risks

Drivers are a fleet’s greatest assets; they are responsible for the timely completion of services and have the expert skills to ensure road safety. Road risks like sharing the road with distracted drivers have decision-makers worried for the safety of their valued drivers. 77 percent of decision-makers consider smartphone usage on the road by other drivers to be a threat to their drivers. According to a Forbes article on texting and driving, 13 percent of distracted driving crashes were fatal this year. 63 percent of decision-makers express that the fleets they manage are one bad accident away from going out of business.       

SMB decision-makers recognize that their drivers are only human and can be prone to risky driving behaviors. While 95 percent claim that they trust their drivers, 56 percent believe their driver unintentionally engages in risky behaviors on the road. Enhancing driver safety on the road starts in the office, where managers can evaluate safety in depth and come up with prescriptive solutions that last. The solution that many decision-makers are moving towards is technology that would help them coach remotely and give more context to both positive and negative driving behaviors. An incredible 91 percent of decision-makers believe their fleet would benefit from an artificial intelligence (AI) safety solution.  

Final Thoughts

The challenge of addressing road risks effectively has caused small and medium-sized fleet businesses to look for modern solutions. SMBs need a solution that not only protects their businesses but also ensures that their drivers get home safely after completing a job. 

Are you part of the 56 percent of decision-makers who believe your drivers are unintentionally engaging in risky driving? Then it’s time to explore the safety solutions Netradyne has for your business.  

This is part one of the three-part blog series; stay tuned for more of the study’s results data.

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