Safety is the foundation of every fleet’s success. Whether you’re a big or small company, prioritizing safety above everything else reduces accidents and, in effect, any legal trouble. Multiple fleet cameras under a streamlined system can boost your fleet’s safety. Apart from helping exonerate drivers after an accident, they also improve driver performance and collect data on risky behaviors such as harsh braking, distracted driving, and speeding. Fleet managers gain a complete picture of what drivers are doing well and what they can do better. But how exactly do multiple fleet cameras achieve better safety and help small fleets? Read on to find out the multiple advantages.

How Can Multiple Fleet Cameras Benefit Small Fleets?

Since exterior and interior fleet cameras capture significant behavior and events, small fleets gain better visibility of everything from driver performance to the conditions faced in every journey. Managers can easily evaluate their drivers’ performance—from details such as instances of distracted driving and violations like speeding or running a red light to positive ones like maintaining a safe distance. All aspects are covered so managers can make an objective and positive-behavior-based assessment of their drivers’ overall performance.  

The cameras also capture illegal activity like theft or misuse of vehicles. In the event of your vehicle being stolen, the cameras will record the culprit and also give access to the live location. Your business prevents theft in the long term as thieves will be warned that they’ll be caught, and you have solid evidence to make them accountable for their behavior.

How Can Fleet Managers Use Multiple Cameras to Improve Safety and Efficiency?

Multiple cameras help fleet managers improve safety and efficiency in several ways. First, they capture clear and complete videos that will protect your business. You won’t have any problems defending the company and your drivers against any false accident claims. Driver exoneration is effortless when the evidence is on your side.  

Second, they reduce the instances of risky events from distracted and unsafe driving. Drivers are given real-time alerts whenever they feel drowsy behind the wheel or glance at their phones. Drivers will be informed through the in-cab audio alerts giving them the opportunity to correct their risky driving behavior in real-time. 

Third, collisions are reduced thanks to the 360-degree view from the front and rear-facing cameras. Drivers gain a complete view of the vehicle, eliminating blind spots. This makes operating vehicles easier and captures risky drivers sharing the road.

Lastly, the combined aspects of multiple fleet cameras improve fleet safety and driver behavior. Reduction of collisions, accidents, and unsafe and risky behaviors, along with real-time awareness of what drivers should work on, ensures efficient operations and everyone’s safety. Your fleet protects lives while also saving the company money. The company’s health, along with the staff’s, is guaranteed for years to come.

What Features Does the Driveri® Camera Offer? 

Netradyne’s Driveri® camera delivers all these benefits through the speed and accuracy of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Focused primarily on driver safety, the dash cams instantly recognize both positive and negative driving behavior. While other systems may focus on risky behavior, Driveri® includes positive ones, so drivers are accurately recognized for their safe driving skills.  

Every safe driving behavior–from following the speed limit to creating a safe distance from other vehicles–adds up to the driver’s score. The mobile app shows the driver’s GreenZone Score based on the points accumulated from these behaviors. Positive engagement also increases driver retention, as they’re assured their hard work is being recognized, giving them the motivation to continue doing well at your company.

With so much data gathered via the dash cams, remote coaching is possible whenever and wherever your drivers are. The Driveri® dashboard organizes and offers access to videos categorized according to the safety alert. Fleet managers can quickly find the instances they want to go over with drivers and discuss them remotely via the app. No need to schedule a face-to-face session. Plus, drivers can continue with their journeys and still gain points to improve on.

Final Thoughts 

A multiple fleet camera system assures safety for all on the road. Risky behaviors are captured and prevented. Recorded videos are available in case of wrongful claims and for managers to review with their drivers. Start building the foundations of safety with Netradyne’s advanced dash cam system today.

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