Leveraging psychology and a science-based approach to reinforcing positive behaviors, here’s how fleets can use technology to coach drivers and empower them to operate safer and more efficiently with Driveri’s GreenZone scoring system.

Driver coaching and safety management have entered a new era. More highly evolved tools available in today’s market allow fleets to be proactive in their approach to building a culture around safe driving habits — and pivot away from reactionary programs that only engage drivers when they’ve erred or received a citation.

Fleets can concentrate less on discipline and more on building trusted partnerships with their drivers in a positive, proactive way. An initiative the trucking industry hasn’t seen — until now.

The power of positive reinforcement is an approach rooted in science and psychology. It centers on a reinforcing stimulus following a sought-after behavior so that it makes it more likely that the behavior will occur again in the future. Leaning on positive reinforcement has been proven to be much stronger psychologically in a coaching and training context than negative feedback like discipline and punishment.

But it’s much more than just a pat on the back. Driveri powered by Netradyne is built on this science and it works, just ask our customers.

Deploying a combination of in-cab alerts, automated driver coaching, DriverStars and Star Streaks, and a driver’s GreenZone Score, Netradyne’s technology was designed from the ground up to help fleets develop better, more engaged drivers and safer highways for the motoring public.

The GreenZone Score

Foundational to creating a safety culture built around positive driving habits is having the ability to track driving behavior — positive and negative — on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and then monitoring and comparing those behaviors over time to determine if a driver needs coaching or feedback, or should receive praise or recognition.

Enter the GreenZone® scoring system. Utilizing Netradyne’s Driveri platform, the GreenZone Score captures and analyzes driver behavior to create a real-time score available to fleet managers, but also available to drivers themselves via the Driveri app. This puts drivers in control of their numbers and empowers them to maintain a score that ranks in the target zone, aka the GreenZone®.

Showing a holistic view of drivers’ performance, the GreenZone is a scoring system tabulated based on driving habits and behaviors. Drivers receive a daily, weekly, and monthly score of between 1 and 1,000 — the higher the better. They also receive points for consistent safe driving, such as maintaining proper speed, not rolling through stop signs, and using an appropriate following distance. Events like hard-braking, swerving, or speeding can deduct points. The GreenZone has a target score of 850. So if drivers operate at or above that number, they’re in the GreenZone.

The Driveri platform has positive recognition built in, alerting drivers when they receive DriverStars and DriverStar Streaks. DriverStars are points for proactive, safe driving, such as creating space for cars to merge or for vehicles on the shoulder. DriverStar Streaks earned based on consistency (such as coming to a complete stop at 75 consecutive stop signs), as well as for situational events like yielding the right of way.

Netradyne’s platform calculates GreenZone Scores by day, week, month and year, so fleets can monitor a driver’s performance over time and, thus, reward improvement or intervene for coaching if scores decline.

And the results of putting the GreenZone to work are indisputable.

Take J.L. Rothrock, a 70-driver fleet out of North Carolina, who saw a 60% reduction in cell phone use and a 34% reduction in following distance violations after implementing Netradyne’s Driveri platform and the GreenZone Scores into its fleet. Shah Trucking saw an 86% reduction in distracted driving events and a 61% reduction in speeding violations. By coaching drivers using GreenZones cores, Fuchs Trucking saw a 50% reduction in speeding violations, a 54% reduction in traffic light violations, and a 48% reduction in stop sign violations. The fleet also reported a 41% improvement in following distance compliance.


And as we highlighted in the Netradyne blog in July, safety’s just one benefit. When implemented correctly, safety and incentive programs built around GreenZone Scores can boost driver retention, help keep insurance costs in check, lower operating costs, and improve fleet morale.

Ready to take your fleet to the GreenZone? Read the Toolkit now.

This is part one of a two series blog. Stay tuned for more.

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