In part one of this series, we discussed the challenges of road safety facing SMB decision-makers and their drivers. Let’s take a look at the long-term financial challenges decision-makers face and how safe driving can be an effective solution.  

Does better driving save on operational costs in the long run? How does safe driving protect an SMB from going out of business? Read on to learn more about the numbers backing these answers.

Expanding Safety Measures to Secure Your Business’s Financial Stability 

Long-term financial solutions are a challenge SMB decision-makers continue to face in today’s uncertain economic climate. 66 percent say they make financial decisions based on immediate needs instead of strategic protection. One of these immediate needs is the obvious cost of fuel. There are short-term solutions that can assist SMBs in saving fuel, like adopting defensive driving techniques and manually monitoring fuel usage. But what about long-term solutions that help manage both fuel and additional operational costs? Decision-makers have found that technology that helps promote safer driving can help manage fuel expenses while protecting the overall business. 49 percent of decision-makers say they are extremely interested in technology that can save on fuel costs. By investing in AI-powered safety technology, SMB decision-makers are able to establish driving behaviors that could potentially save on operational costs in the long run. 

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Most decision-makers admit that losing just one vehicle in their fleet would be devastating to the business, making positive driving skills crucial to overall operations. Safe driving results in fewer crashes, increased awareness on the road, and the security of the driver and the business. To be frank, SMBs do not have the finances or the time to go through lengthy litigation processes or repair, or worse, replace vehicles in their fleets. Many decision-makers are turning to smarter solutions to save money and keep their drivers safe. 85 percent of decision-makers would consider purchasing an AI-based safety solution.  

Final Thoughts

More SMB decision-makers are looking to utilize smart technology as a long-term solution for their fleets. In part 3 of this series, we will be looking into the survey results that show the actions decision-makers are taking to improve their fleet operations. 

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