This is part two of the Transforming Safety from a Cost Center to Cost Saver webinar recap series. In part one, we talked about how dash cams help implement positive change in driver behavior, improve a company’s safety culture within budget, and the importance of quick, positive feedback. In this part of the recap, we’ll address the cost concerns that face the transportation industry and how to take a holistic approach to solve them.   

5 Cost-Saving Opportunities


With the rise in gas prices, it has become crucial for transportation companies to monitor their fuel usage. Aggressive driving behavior such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking can lower fuel economy by 15 to 30 percent, according to the US Department of Energy. Encouraging drivers to practice fuel-saving driving habits is one effective way to monitor and save on fuel usage.  

Driving behaviors can be adjusted to improve fuel efficiency with the use of a safety system. Having features like remote coaching and vehicle tracking can help fleet managers make better-informed decisions on how to save on fuel. Virtual coaching allows drivers to recognize and correct driving behaviors that exert wear and tear on their vehicles. Vehicle tracking, like ignition on/off time, gives fleet managers insight into how long a vehicle is in use.  

Moving Violations

Fines and insurance claims are costly impacts on a trucking company’s budget. They can also negatively impact CSA scores which can also be a hard hit on a company’s costs. Offering real-time coaching will keep drivers ahead of these violations. Receiving live alerts allow drivers to identify and correct the issue before burning fuel or receiving a ticket. Also, drivers have access to their performance reviews which means they can track and manage their progress.    

Accident and Litigation

When an accident occurs, the verdict is not always in favor of the commercial vehicle when there is no solid proof provided. The lack of recorded video combined with limited visibility around the outside of the vehicle has made the roads riskier for truck drivers. 

The solution here is to ensure drivers have full visibility in and around their vehicles. Having a dash cam that offers 360-degree views helps exonerate drivers in accidents. Additionally, having a strong safety culture will improve your chances when facing litigations. Attorneys tend to go after safety records rather than the event itself, so having a reliable safety system that tracks both positive and at-risk driving behavior will help your case. 

Run a Lean Back Office

Hiring a safety manager or bringing on additional safety managers can be too big of an investment for some companies. That’s why having a reliable safety system in place that allows for smarter coaching is critical. Having a safety system that allows safety managers to coach remotely and instantly allows for more drivers to be reached in less time. Also, having the ability to recognize good driving behavior can create a healthy work balance and establish positive communication. 

Keep Great Talent

Driver retention is a common issue in today’s trucking industry. The cost of hiring a replacement driver can also be a hard hit for a company; according to the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, the average cost comes to about $8,234. That’s why having a video safety system that allows drivers to visualize and track their improvement is key for retention. This gives them autonomy over the field they specialize in and provides solid data for implementing an effective incentive program. 

Final Thoughts

Transportation companies are in a constantly changing environment that requires innovative solutions. By taking advantage of these opportunities, fleet and safety managers aren’t only being more cost-effective but are actively adapting to improvements in their safety departments. The ability to focus on building a better safety department through these solutions will ensure that companies are staying up-to-date on any issue that comes their way. Are you ready to take your fleet to the next level in safety? Learn more about Netradyne’s dash cams here.   

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