In part one, we talked about the importance of school bus safety and factors to consider when choosing the right system.

Now we will discuss which school bus fleet management software offers superior features accessible anywhere in real-time that will support you during every stage of operations.

Why Driver•i is the Best School Bus Fleet Management Software for Student Safety

The Problem: Driver Shortage

Driver shortages are a reality every school year for nearly every school system across the country.

The Solution

Driver Retention: Netradyne’s Driver•i is a scalable solution that provides fleet managers and school administrators an easy way to score drivers and build a driver-incentive program that attracts new and experienced drivers.

Drivers and fleet managers are able to get  a holistic view of job performance with the GreenZone Score. The score captures both positive and negative driving behaviors, ensuring you have the best insights possible. Plus, fleet managers have the option to coach their drivers virtually, thereby reducing the need for in-person meetings.

“If a driver is driving down the road and someone cuts him off … and our driver does the right thing and gets on the brakes, he earns a DriverStar. So it provides that positive feedback. What I really like about it is, not only do I see it, but drivers have an app they can download on their phone where they can see it, too.”

– Dan Dziubczynski, Safety Director, Altom Transport

Automated Coaching Feature: Automatically captures and recognizes both risky and positive driving behaviors making it easy for managers to have coaching sessions with drivers. This feature makes one-on-one employee coaching training and coaching more efficient for lean operations teams.

Driver•i’s GreenZone Score

Driver•i’s GreenZone Score

Problem: Operational Costs

School transportation systems typically have access to less and lower-quality data than other transit sectors, reducing their ability to provide service that is efficient and responsive.


Collision Management Feature: This feature saves time and resources on insurance claims by providing real-time First Notice of Loss (FNOL) information and more precise collision detection for insurance claims.

Problem: Inefficient Routes

Inefficient and inflexible bus routes leave many children sitting on school buses for hours. Additionally, the lack of drivers has forced school systems to merge routes, making school bus time for students extended.

This also leads to unpredictable departure and arrival times for parents causing them to worry about where their child is at any given time.


GPS Tracking: Gain visibility into equipment, assets, and utilization trends, and improve asset utilization all through the user dashboard. Better understand which buses are idle, active, on schedule, or running late.

Problem: Lack of Technology Usage

Little has changed in student transportation since school buses came on the scene in 1939. Due to funding constraints, the industry tends to lack technology adoption to improve driver and passenger safety.


Recommended Coaching Feature: Automatically highlights potential problem drivers, provides updates on who might benefit from coaching and when, ensures coached drivers move off of the list quickly, and helps avoid future employee-fault accidents.

For school bus systems, this feature greatly helps identify who their at-risk drivers are so they can get ahead of any potential future issues.

IDMS fleet manager dashboard

IDMS fleet manager dashboard

Problem: School Bus Safety

School bus safety largely hasn’t changed much since the 1960s. Many school systems have not updated their buses with technology designed to keep drivers and students safe.


DHubX: Capture 100 percent of drive time with our 360-degree vehicle view. Child safety is always at the forefront of every school system.

This feature gives fleet managers and school administrators complete visibility both inside and outside of the bus to see the driver and children in and around the bus. For example, identify if a school bus driver is stopping at railroad crossings as well as if the stop arm feature is working properly as students cross the street.

Final Thoughts

Student safety is everyone’s priority when it comes to bus fleet management. It’s the service you provide and promise to the parents and teachers these students see every day.

To ensure your fleet meets this goal, you want a school bus fleet management software that gives you full visibility of the fleet, helps plan routes effectively, and improves driver behavior.

Ready to enhance your fleet safety and reduce student risks for your school system? Explore the Driver•i AI fleet camera system and book a demo today to experience its advanced features and benefits.

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